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From: "Steve Williamson" <>
Subject: [SKENE-L] So who IS from Gov John Skene?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 05:30:48 -0600

Hi everyone!
This is my understanding in rough outline of the state of research on
descendants of Gov John Skene of West Jersey.

He married Helena Fullerton October 23, 1669 in Kennaber, Scotland. They had
these children:
1) Alexander Skene, b abt 1670 (named in John's will)
2) Katherin Skene b on/bef 4 Jun 1671 (Scotland record)
3) Lilias b on/bef 2 Apr 1673 (Scotland record)
4) Christian b on/bef 3 May 1675 (Scotland record)

John's will says 'Alexander & 5 others,' so 6 total:

5) Unknown
6) Unknown

In the past, Skenes/Skeen(s) claiming descent from Gov John did so through
sons Matthew or Alexander.

The article by Phyllis J. Miller, "A New Hypothesis on the Ancestry of
Mathew Skeen of Augusta County, Virginia." The Virginia Genealogist, Oct -
Dec 2001 convincingly shows Matthew of New York & Augusta Co VA (who m.
Jannetje Titus) was NOT a son.

There is no evidence that Alexander & his wife Jemima had any male children:
his estate in South Carolina, called "New Skene," passed to another family
after his death. It looks like they had only 2 daughters, as evidenced by
these Barbados baptism records:
St. James Parish: August 17, 1700 Jane dau of Alexr: and Jemina Skene.
St. Michaels Parish: March 7, 1701 Silia da: of Alexr:Skeene Esq and Mrs.
Jemima his wf, b March 3, last.

For the 2 unknowns, my suggestions:

1) the John Skene mentioned in Barbados at roughly the same time as
Baptisms recorded in Barbados (where Alexander Skene lived before going to
South Carolina):
November 8, 1695 John son of John Skeen and Ann Bowler
December 26, 1696 Mary dau of John and Eliza Skeen
December 24, 1714 ____ son of John Skeene
September 28, 1722 Edward aged 12 yrs son of and Elizabeth 16 yrs dau of
John Skeene
April 6, 1777 Amelia and Charlotte Muloto dhn of John Skeene

#2) the Robert, married to Mary, in these records:
The Burlington Court Book of West Jersey:
1698 (Walter pleads not guilty). Walter Pumphary presented as before appears
at the Barre, and upon the presentation of Arthur Cooker information, Mary
Skene appearing not as evidence against him, Walter is required to give bond
and appear next Court for Indictment.
1707. Martha Dummer versus Robert Skeen; ordered that special bayle be given
in to the Action per the Defendant, and that he remain in the custody of the
Sherrif till it be given in in both Actions.

>From Wills: Abstracts, Book C : 1705 - 1714: Philadelphia Co, PA:
BADCOCK, THOMAS. Philadelphia. Pewterer.
January 2, 1707/8. March 9, 1707/8. C. 76.
Cousin Alexander Badcock. Friends Thomas Paschall of Philadelphia.,
Nicholas Rosogens and his wife, MARY WIFE OF ROBERT SKEENE (emphasis my own)
Overseer: Cousin Henry Badcock of Philadelphia.
Witnesses: Martyn Jervis, Francis Cooke and William Lee.

Unless I'm missing something, it looks to me like there are currently no
Skene/Skeen(s) families that can PROVE a descent from Gov John Skene.

A number of Skeens appear in Philadelphia & Chester Co's, PA in the early
1700s. If they didn't stem from John, where did they come from?

Question #1) Has anyone turned up any immigration records to the
Philadelphia area of other Skene families? If so, who were they?

The "Jonathan" families: there are 2 lines that I'm thinking of - A) the
one from the Jonathan who m. Susannah Rees & whose descendants went to
Caswell Co, NC & Russell Co, VA & B) the family of Robert Skeen the "Indian
Hunter" who went to Rockbridge Co, VA (that line also used names like
Jonathan, Joseph, Abraham, which seem very rare in the pedigree of Gov John
Skene). Both of these lines, using similar personal names, originate from
early 1700s eastern PA.

Question #2) Are there/were there any Scottish branches of the Skene family
that use the name Jonathan frequently? That MIGHT be a clue to that line's
(my line's) origin, without having to stick with the unnecessary assumption
that all American Skeens must come from John & Helena (already disproven in
the case of Matthew).

I'd be very interested in reading everyone's opinions on this.


Steve Williamson

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