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Subject: [SLAVE-OWNERS] HOLZENDORF - Slave Cemetery GA
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 12:39:52 EDT

Augusta Georgia Chronicle

Publication Date: May 13, 2000
Source: The Augusta Chronicle
Page: D07

JUST MONTHS AGO, the cemetery, which contains graves that date back two
centuries, was overgrown and inaccessible. The sheriff's office restored it
using inmate labor and seized drug funds.

Sheriff Bill Smith said Holzendorf Cemetery was chosen as the project pilot
because of its vast size and historical significance to the black community.
The cemetery is believed to be the burial place of many slaves who worked at
the Holzendorfs' Berne, Cona and Benceville plantations and their descendants.

Sheriff Smith said the dedication pays homage to many who lived, died and
were buried in relative obscurity.

"Their contribution and their significance is not diminished by a lack of
written records and granite markers. The exact history is not what is
important. What is important is that we remember to honor their lives," he
Darren Harper, librarian of the Bryan-Lang Historical Library in Woodbine,
said his visit to the restored cemetery gave him goose bumps.

"It's almost as if I can step back in time and see all of the people coming
on foot to bury their loved ones," he said.

Mr. Harper said the cemetery is likely to augment local knowledge of black
"This cemetery is very significant to the African-American heritage of Camden
County," he said. "This is one of the first local historical sites that is
dedicated solely to African-Americans."

MR. HARPER AND OTHER leaders such as Sheriff Smith are hoping the cemetery
project will add information to the local history files. The Holzendorf
family was important in Camden County's history and continues to be important
John M. Holzendorf Sr. and Jr. played significant historical roles.

The father served Camden County in the state legislature from 1890-91. The
son was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt as the Customers Collector
for St. Marys. He is buried in Kinlaw Cemetery, which also is on the cleanup

Ruth in NC

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