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From: Truman Adkins <>
Subject: [SI] Stovall family, Henry County, Virginia
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:36:57 -0500

The following information I gathered recently for correspondants, I am
posting here in the hope others from this family will benefit:

Joseph Stovall was a wealthy landowner in Henry and Patrick Counties,
Virginia. In 1844 his nephew, Thomas Penn, had him declared incompetent. In
Will Book 4, pg. 507 in Henry County there is a notation from 16 December
1844 to the effect "negros hired out" to someone who would pay Stovall's
administrator for their use. When Joseph Stovall died in the 1850's, the
other relatives discovered Penn had mismanaged things and sued him.

In Will Book 6, pg. 49, there is an inventory of Stovall's remaining
personal peroperty made that included:

1 negro man named Marshall $700.00
Lewis $400.00
George $1,000.00
Brice $1,200.00
Woodson $1,000.00
Quince $1,000.00
1 negro woman named Amy $150.00

This inventory is dated 11 May 1857 and was made by R.G. Lamkin, Johnson G.
Giles, John O. Redd and Sherriff Jefe Wootton. There was also a notation
that the person who had hired them out was Wm. P. Thompson who had posted
bond of $225.00.

On pg, 151 of the same book there is the disputsal of the estate, which
shows payments to the Danville Register (Newspaper where the sale of the
slaves was probably advertised) and a note that Thompson received
compensation because he claimed "one or two of the negro hires were diseased".

Henry County Cohabitation List, pg. 132 (1866)

Stovall, Brice, 32, born Henry County, resides in Henry County, Farmer,
Last Owner: Wm. Mills of Henry County, began cohabitation in 1859.

Stovall, Louisa, 20, born Henry County, resides Henry County, Last Owner:
Brice Holland of Henry County.

Stovall, Emma, 6

Stovall, Marshall, 2
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vol. 13, pg 10, Henry County Bicentenial Papers, taken from Minute Book 5,
pg. 273, Henry County Circuit Court Clerks Office. 13 April 1857, Brett
Stovall vs. Joseph Stovall's Administrator, et al., having advertized in
the Danville paper for four consecutive weeks, it is ordered the
commissioner, Wootton, sell the following slaves at public auction: Amy,
Lewis, Marshall, George, Brice, Woodson, and Quincy.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
1870 Census, Henry County, Va., Leatherwood District
Stovall, William B., 14, M,B, Farm laborer
emunerated with Stephen Holland, a 38 year old white farmer.

1900 Census, Henry County, Va., Horsepasture District, pg. 48
Stovall, Marshall, B,M, April 1864, married 8 years
Stovall, Mary, wife, B,F, May 1873, mother of 4 children, 4 living
Stovall, Annie, daughter, July 1893
Stovall, Sallie, daughter, April 1895
Stovall, Harry, son, February 1897
Stovall, Rosa, daughter, January 1899

1900 Census, Martinsville District,
Stovall, Quince, December 1864, married 9 years
Stovall, Emma, August 1863, wife, mother of 5, 4 living
Hairston, Samuel, December 1879, step son
Hairston, Wm. , May 1882, step son
Hairston, Bettie, May 1885, step daughter
Hairston, Mandy, May 1887, step daughter

1900 census, Henry Co., Va., Horsepasture District, pg. 47
Stovall, Peter A., B, M, Sept 1881, single

1910 Census, Henry County, Va., Martinsville Dist.
Stovall, Quince, 48, M,B, married 21 years
Stovall, Emma, 46, F,B,
Stovall, Mandy, 20, F,B,

Henry County Marriages:
6 December 1891,
J.M. Stovall, 28, single, born and resides in Henry County, s/o B & L Stovall
Mary E. Key, 18, single, born and resides in Henry County, d/o J & SE Key

26 December 1889
Quince Stovall, 22, single, born in Henry County, s/o B&L Stovall
Emma Hairston, 26, widow, born in Henry County, d/o _____& Rose Hairston

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