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From: PeteColl23 <>
Subject: [SLUDER-L] My Story - Peter Sluder
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:36:17 EST

My name is Peter Eric Sluder from Hicksville, NY. I was born 39 years ago
today, 3/30/59. I am married to Colleen Shekleton Sluder (8/11/59) and have
two sons, Kyle (7/29/87) and Eric (7/22/91). My wife is a medical student at
the New York College of Osteopathic Medecine and I am a Systems Analyst for
the Long Island Lighting Company, Long Island's major (for now) gas and
electric utility. In my not so spare time I run BINGO at my church and
attempt to play golf.

This branch of the Sluder family consists of my parents LeRoy Sluder, Jr
(11/23/22) born at Mitchell Field Army Base, Garden City, NY and Maria
Hausener Sluder (10/29/21) born in Germany (somewhere in the Saaland near
France). I have four siblings: Doris Sluder Sommer (6/6/46) currently in FL,
Lydia Sluder Cassidy (5/19/48) currrently in MA, LeRoy Sluder III (5/5/49) in
CT () and Marianne Sluder Jones (8/28/52) currently in upstate

My father's siblings, Roland Sluder and his wife Lucille Seaman Sluder
recently moved from NY to SC. My aunt Doris Sluder Blank lives in northern CA
with her husband Nathan Blank. Roland and Lucille have three children,
Richard Sluder of NY, Janet Sluder Fitzpatrick of Baltimore, MD and Linda
(deceased) formerly of Fl. Richard has four children, James (JimTheBoy on
original Sluder list but no response to E-Mails), Jillian and two more girls
(I don't se or talk to them so I don't remember the names). Janet has a
daughter, Sarah Joy Fitzpatrick.

On the Sluder side, my grandparents were LeRoy Sluder, Sr., (1898-1982)
originally of Indianapolis, IN and Elsie Elfrich Sluder (1898-1994) from NY.
My grandfather had a twin (Theodore?) and other siblings who were separated in
the early 1900s. For the most part I have no further concrete information
about exact relatives except that a great-grandfather named George Washington
Sluder was in an Illonois regiment in the Civil War and was assigned to
Lincoln's funeral detail at some point during the funeral cortage from
Washington, DC to Springfield, IL.

I do have a relative, David Sluder, who has a vast amount of Sluder
information and I will be attempting to gather that info from him. He doesn't
have a computer so is therefore not on-line.

>From what I can gather, my branch of the family goes back to Indianapolis
through my grandfather and from there through Illonois, eventually originating
in the NC area.

Thats all I can come up with right now.

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