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Subject: Re: [SMALL-L] Small family in Maine
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:18:16 -0400

Edith, Carol provided the necessary link. I have them as follows:

Small Family of Deer Isle, by H.W. Small 1923 lists birth, marriage and all

Thomas occupied lot #56 in Deer Isle, formerly owned by 'Ebenezer
Robbards'.(Roberts) His wife died 'nearly the same time as her husband'
(George L. Hosmer, "An Historical Sketch of the town of Deer Isle, Maiine,
(repr. l976], 98).
Thomas served in the French and Indian War at Fort Pownal (MA Archives
9:33-4). At the age of 75y in l8l3, he rowed into Small's Cove under heavy
British gunfire to pilot an American privateer within range of a grounded
British warship (See Herman W. Small, "Small Genealogy, [1924], MS, MHS)
He also served in the Rev. (MS&S 14:318, 323).
He came to Deer Isle c l765 from Cape Elizabeth.
(The above from "Maine Families in l790, Vol. 2)

Information taken from "Small Family of Deer Isle", by Herman Wesley Small,
Children of (4) Thomas and Sarah (Roberts) Small

Mary Small b. Jan 10, 1764 at Falmouth. The others born at Deer Isle.
Thomas. B.May 9, 1768
Sarah b. May 9, 1770
Ebenezer b. Apr. 30, 1772
Abigail b. Mar 17, 1774
Hannah b. Jan 2, 1776
Betsey b. Jan 13, 1778
William b. Sept. 9, 1782
Joseph b. July 27, 1784
Lydia b. July 3, 1786
Benjamin b. Oct 10, 1788. All this family married

Thomas Small, also given in mentioning Falmouth and Deer Isle as Smally and
Smawley; served in MA Revolutionary Was as 2nd Leutenant, Cape . Thomas
Roben's 4th Militial List of officers chosen in said regiment, ordered in
council July 23, 1776, that said officers be commissioned. Reported
commissioned same date; Hew came to Deer Isle in 1767 and settled upon the
north side of an _____ called Small's Cove. It is a small harbor protected
from the sea by two sand bars rising above the sea and the two bars nearly
enclosing the barbor, only a small opening to admit the incoming and
outgoing tride. The land it took up remained in the family 130 years and
always occupied by a Small untilo it was recently sold to Miss Maud Banks,
daughter of Gen. Nathaniel Banks, the noted general of the Civil War. The
las occupant before its sale, was Enoch Small a great grandson of Thomas.
After Thomas' death, after living on this property sixty years, it went to
his son Ebenezer.

When Thomas left Cape Elizabeth, he planned to settle at Bluehill, being
overtaken by a storm on the passage, he went into North West Harbor, Deer
Isle for shelter from the storm. While here ie improved an opportunity to
visit a former neighbor, Samuel Trundy, who had come to Deer Isle from Cape
Elizabeth in 1765, and settled on the south side of Emerson's Mill pond.
Mr. Trundy persuaded Mr. Small to remain at Deer Isle. Here he made a
settlement on a lot of land that had previously been occupied by a man named
Martin who had abandoned it. It wasa beautifuyl location, on high land and
fertle fields, the view, on the western side of Penobscot Bay commanded a
view of the hundreds or Islands between this and the Megunticook Mountains,
at the base of which now lies the beautiful village of Camden.

Thomas first built a log house neare the bar that streaches cross the mouth
of the harbor, and called it Small's Cove. Afterwards he built a farm house
on the highest point of land. He was a farmer on quite a large scale, and
also a fisherman, both he and his sons. Mary his oldest daughter was four
years old when they came here. He died Mar. 23, 1827 as reported if
Malignant sore throut (probably diptheria). About sixty people in this town
died of the same desease that year. His wife died soon after, they having
lived in wedlock 64 years.

Mr. Small's large family all married, and with one exception settled around
him.LDS IGI Marriage and Birth Index, ME, p.22,070

Thomas' parents were Edward Small b. 1706, and Abigail Barnaby,
grandparents Daniel Small b.1654 and Abigail Snow, b. 10-14-1670. Do you
have these?

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From: Auralee Asquith <>
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Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:27 AM
Subject: [SMALL-L] Small family in Maine

>I am interested in researching my connection to Thomas Small (b.l74l)2nd
>lieutenant, Capt. Thomas Robbins 5th co, 5th Lincoln Co, regt of Mass
>Militia. He's also listed as Smawley in Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in
>Revolutionary War. DAR Patriot Index lists Thomas Small. I want to trace
>from his son, Ebenezar. My grandfather, Herman Wesley Small wrote a history
>of this line of the Small family. This line came from Deer Isle, Me. In
>case this is the second time you read this, please forgive me - I'm new at
>this and bumbling around.
> Edith Cook Asquith

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