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Subject: [SMALLEY-L] Annual Reunion of descendants of Smalley/Neathery/Kornegay/Ward
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:25:43 EDT

Hi Norm & Ann,
I did not return home until the 19th. My sister, LaVerne, came with me,
and we have been working on the following reunion attendants data to send to
all present and for publishing in the Stuttgart Daily Leader Newspaper. She
will return to her home in Downey, CA on Oct. 31st.
We were so happy you came to the reunion and were delighted to meet you
and your family and thank you, Norm, for your impromptu input. We all loved
it and perhaps that was all that was needed to prevent any confusion in the
future. I have no idea why my sister choose that time to pull one of her
senior moments. LOL!
Note from the following article that was published in the newspaper
regarding our first reunion in 1981, that it is and always has been. Mark
your calendar for the second Saturday of October 2000 and spread the word in
hope that more new kin will attend next year.
I took your book to be copied and will get it in the mail to you Monday.
Thanks for sharing it with me.

P.S. I am sending copies to to the Kornegay and Smalley list just in case
anyone else is interested.

The following article was published in the Stuttgart Daily Leader
Wednesday, October 21, 1981. Descendants of the late John Ward Kornegay and
Narcissa Smalley gathered at the Civic Center in Forest City October 11, 1981
for their first reunion. Ninety-two members were in attendance at the
potluck luncheon and fellowship.
Those attending included: Geneva KORNEGAY Duffel, Lynn, Inez and Lance
Brooks, Greg, Rita and Shelley Brooks, Dan and Elner Crisp, Floyd and Barbara
Crisp, Jan and Ken Bedsole, Lois, Perry, and Windell Holloway, Joshua and
Mary Crisp, Charles, Myrtis and Tracie Duffel and Lillian Smalley Grider of
Marvell; Bernice Smalley Suddeth and Harold, Mary and Mike Walton of Turner;
Boyce, Ellen, Paige and Boyce Stokes III and Mary Wall of Holy Grove; Annie
Kornegay Hartsfield, Imogene H. Hollowell, Ancil Kornegay Chism, Steven, Judy
and Lisa Crisp, Wayne and Kim Boals and Deanie Duffel Schafer and Heidi of
Helena and West Helena; John Ward and Bea Kornegay and Elbert Kornegay of
Clarendon; Sylvia Kornegay Atkinson of Elaine; Ruth Adkins, Dan and Virginia
Haskins and Bill Luebke of Stuttgart; Marvin and Annie J. Henderson, Tony
Parker and Roger, Janice, Kara and Leah Henderson of Humphrey; Grace Hancock
and Benny, Beverly, Diane and Mark Adkins of Pine Bluff; W. Woodrow Boch,
Grace Boch Sahli, Emma Boch Robinson and Juanita Tapley and Rob McClerk of
Little Rock; Gay Holloway Brown and Chassidy Brown of Jacksonville; Mark,
Johnna Kornegay McFerrin and Dan of West Memphis; Logan, Annie Ruth and
Richard Brewer, Wilma and Trey Taylor, Donald, Etta, Donna, Philip and Gordon
Crisp, Gary Kornegay, Roger and Evelyn Jennings and Johnny and Linda Bailey
and Andrea and Allison of Memphis, Tenn; Troy E. Hartsfield of Huntsville,
Tenn; and Norris and Vivian Kornegay of Thayer, MO.


A total of sixty-one gathered at Hartz Seed Duck Lodge in Stuttgart,
Arkansas on Saturday, October 9, 1999, for their nineteenth annual family
Fifty-four of these are descendants of their Arkansas pioneer ancestors
her father JOHN WARD, two were guest of descendants and five are descendants
of another Smalley lineage who were honored as new attendants. They were
Norman Smalley and his wife Ann from Elmhurst, Illinois and their daughter
Linda Smalley Taylor and her children Allison & William Charles Taylor of
Claremore, Oklahoma. This family's ancestors and Abraham Smalley's ancestors
go back to common immigrant ancestors, John Smalley & Ann Walden who arrived
in 1632 and joined the pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620
and settled the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.
After renewing old friendships with relatives and an update on family
history was delivered the song "God Bless America" was sung in honor,
appreciation and gratitude for these brave pioneers and the hardships they
endured as pioneers. The descendants attending the reunion recognize they
are the beneficiaries of their courageous efforts. Everyone then joined
hands and recited The Lord's Prayer in unison and a delicious southern
potluck meal was enjoyed by all.
The history of the ancestors of those attending is very interesting
Abraham Smalley and Nancy Hannah Neathery and two young son's, Robert, and a
baby boy whose name is unknown, migrated to Arkansas about 1812 from Burke &
Wilkes Counties in North Carolina via Cumberland County, Kentucky where
Robert was born. They were among the first settlers in this area before it
became Arkansas Territory in 1819. He and Nancy had a total of five
children. He paid taxes in Arkansas County as early as 1818. On July 11,
1825 he served as one of the judges of the election in Montgomery Township.
On November 2, 1829, Monroe County was created from territory taken from
Phillips and Arkansas Counties. Smalley Township in Monroe County was named
for Abraham. Abraham served on the Grand Jury in Circuit Court in March of
1841 .
Robert Smalley [son of Abraham & Nancy] later married Hannah Margaret
Harper and they were also pioneer settlers on Big Cypress Bayou, Montgomery
Township, Indian Bay region of Monroe County. He owned a large plantation,
slaves and up-to-date equipment. He owned the first mule powered cotton gin
in the area, a dialogue planter, and other 1850 improvements. The cotton gin
was located near the present site of the Smalley Cemetery. They had a total
of nine children. The reunion attendants descended from their daughter
Narcissa Smalley.
John Ward and three of his younger children and his married daughter
Nancy and her husband Miller Kornegay [they were first cousins] and their
nine children migrated to Arkansas from Smith County, Tennessee. They were
among the earlier settlers of Arkansas. John and his wife Roxy Lanie
Kornegay, Miller and Nancy were all born in Duplin County, North Carolina.
In the late 1700s the family migrated to Smith County, Tennessee. John and
Roxy had a total of 17 children. Roxy died in 1812 and is buried on their
land known as Ward Hollow near Hartsville in Smith County [now Trousdale
County], Tennessee. This family was among the first settlers in Smith County
where they accumulated large tracks. John sold this land and purchased the
Neville Place in Phillips County just prior to migrating to Arkansas in about
1829. Thirteen of their children remained in Tennessee and left numerous
descendants there. The reunion attendants descended from John Ward Kornegay
[son of Nancy Ward and Miller Kornegay].
The Smalley/Neathery and Kornegay/Ward connection occurred when Narcissa
Smalley [daughter of Robert Smalley & Hannah Harper] married John Ward
Kornegay [son of Miller Kornegay and Nancy Ward].
Thence, Narcissa Smalley and John Ward Kornegay of Montgomery Township
[Big Cypress Bayou region] Monroe County, Arkansas are the common ancestors
of all reunion attendants through three of their children: [1] Hannah
Elizabeth Kornegay and David Franklin Simpson of Humphrey. [2] William
Alfred Kornegay and [first wife] Florence Reeves and [second wife] Fannie Mae
Elizabeth Norris of Connell's Point Community, Monroe County Arkansas. [3]
Ann Kornegay and William Boch of Humphrey, Arkansas.

The twenty-nine SIMPSON attendants are: [1] Hannie Dell SIMPSON. [2] Dr.
Herbert Moore [Hannie's husband] of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. [3] Benny Joe
Adkins [son of the late Carolyn Ruth SIMPSON and Joseph Dillard Adkins]. [4]
Beverly [wife of Benny]. [5] Diane Adkins Rea [daughter of Benny and
Beverly]. [6] Mark Joseph Adkins [son of Benny and Beverly]. [7] Meagan
Nicole Rea [daughter of Diane. [8] Brendan Davis Rea [son of Diane], all of
Union Mississippi and Marks guest Sheila Carey. [9] Hope "LaVerne" SIMPSON
Hallberg of Downey, California. [10] Annie Jean SIMPSON. [11] Marvin
Henderson [Annie's husband] of Humphrey, Arkansas. [12] Roger Neill
Henderson. [13] Janice [Roger's wife]. [14] Leah Henderson [Roger and
Janice's daughter] all of Brickeys, Arkansas. [15] Marva Jean Henderson
Bradshaw [Roger and Marva are children of Annie and Marvin]. [16] Laura
Michelle Bradshaw [Marva's daughter] of Lonoke, Arkansas. [17] Lyman Edmond
SIMPSON. [18] Pamela Ann Simpson Griffin [Lyman's daughter]. [19] Michael
Carey "Mike" Griffin [Pamela's husband]. [20] Theresa Michelle Griffin
[Pamela and Mike's daughter] all of Texarkana, Arkansas. [21] Norma Louise
SIMPSON Harvill. [22] John David Harvill, Sr.] [23] Susan [John's wife]
and their children [24] Tonya. [25] John David, Jr. [26] Andrew
Christopher, all of Humphrey, Arkansas. [27] Kathlynn Sue SIMPSON Arledge
Johnson of Garland, Texas. [28] Carl David SIMPSON, Sr. [29] Carolyn Faye
[Carl's wife] of Stuttgart, Arkansas. Ancestors of the above SIMPSON's are
[all deceased]: Edmond Simpson and Laura Louise Poole of Humphrey. Edmonds
parents are Hannah Elizabeth Kornegay and David Franklin Simpson of Humphrey.

The five HASKINS attendants are: [1] Daniel "Dan" Edward HASKINS. [2] Dana
Loy Haskins Dickson [Dan's daughter] of Stuttgart, Arkansas. [3] Daniel
"Danny" Fisher [grandson of Dan and son of Jerry Delores Haskins Fisher
Matthew]. [4] Stuart [Danny's son]. [5] Sam [Danny's son] of Little Rock,
Arkansas. [Dan's guest is Opal Harvill Holmes of Little Rock.] Ancestors of
the above HASKINS are [all deceased]: Amy Simpson and Daniel Edward Haskins
of Humnoke, Arkansas. Amy's parents are Hannah Elizabeth Kornegay and David
Franklin Simpson.

The twelve KORNEGAY attendants are: [1] Sandra Kornegay Rhodes of Zavalla,
Texas [her parents are William Houston KORNEGAY and Edna Stone of Little
Rock, Arkansas - deceased]. [2] Patsy Ann Walters [Sandra's niece] of
Zavalla, Texas [her parents are Jewel Marie Kornegay and Robert Stace
Walters. Jewel's parents are William Houston KORNEGAY and Edna Stone. [3]
Winfred "Norris" Kornegay. [4] Vivian [Norris's wife] of Thayer, Missouri.
[5] Lois Julia Kornegay Holloway of Marvell, Arkansas. [6] Sylvia Jane
Kornegay Atkinson of Mellwood, Arkansas [Norris, Lois and Sylvia's parents
are Alfred Norris KORNEGAY and Ansil Smalley of West Helena, Arkansas -
deceased]. [7] Wilma "Inez" Duffel Brooks. [8] Lynn Brooks [Inez' husband]
of Holly Grove, Arkansas. [9] Annie Ruth Duffel Brewer. [10] Logan Brewer
[Annie Ruth's husband] of Memphis, Tennessee. [Inez and Annie Ruth's parents
are Geneva Celestia KORNEGAY and Horace Atlas Duffel of Helena, Arkansas -
deceased]. [11] Elner Lee Hartsfield Crisp [her parents are Annie B.
KORNEGAY and Ralph Leonard Hartsfield of Connell's Point Community, Monroe
County, Arkansas]. [12] Daniel Boone Crisp [Elner's husband] of Marvell,
Arkansas. Ancestors of the above KORNEGAY's # 1 and 2 descended from William
Alfred Kornegay and [first wife] Florence Reeves, and # 3 thru 12 descended
from William Alfred and [second wife] Fannie Mae Elizabeth Norris.

The eight BOCH attendants are: [1] Grace Narcissa BOCH Sahli [age 92]. [2]
Woodrow BOCH [age 86]. Grace and Woodrow are the elders of the family. [3]
Juanita Robinson Tapley [daughter of Emma BOCH and David Robinson]. [4]
David Tapley [Juanita's husband], all of Little Rock, Arkansas. [5] Grace
Hart McCarty [6] James McCarty [Grace's husband]. [7] Carolyn Hart Ferguson.
All of Stuttgart, Arkansas. [8] Ann Hart [widow of Bill Hart] of Garden
City, Michigan. [Grace, Carolyn and Bill's parents are Ethel BOCH and Fred
Hart]. Ancestors of the above BOCH's are [all deceased]: Ann Kornegay and
William Boch of Humphrey, Arkansas.

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