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Highlands Memorial Cemetery Macon Co., NC

Double Stone: Smathers, Married March 27, 1935
Frank Smathers, Jr. July 17, 1909 - March 17, 1995
Mary Belle Wall Smathers October 9, 1911 - [no date]
On this 1820 census we have two John has more younger kids
than the other
anyone help me ID both these John's?

Smathers, John 221010-00010-0100
Smathers, Henry [Jun?.] 210001-11001-0100
Smathers, John 311010-00010-0100
Smathers, Henry 101000-00100-0100
Snider, Adom 200001-30100-0100
1920 Macon co NC
Smather, Charlie C. 225b 56 Franklin E. D. 137


Census 1820

SMATHERS, Henry Sr. 0000000100000-0000000010000 1 slave 3
SMATHERS, Henry Jr. 0010010000000-2200010000000 7
SMATHERS, Isaac 1000100000000-1000100000000 4
SMATHERS, Isaac 2000100000000-0000100000000 4
SMATHERS, Mary 0021000000000-0000001000000 4
SMATHERS, George 2000100000000-1000100000000 5 T
SMATHERS, Jahn 0001000000000-0001000000000 2

HAFFLY, Mary 0000000000000-0100010001000
3 T [Hefley?]
HAFFLY, Barbary 0100000000000-0001001000000
3 T

FULBRIGHT, Abraham 1000010000000-1200100000000 6 T
FULBRIGHT, Peter 2110010000000-1100010100000 9
FULBRIGHT, Jacob 0010000000100-0000001001000 4
FULLBRIGHT, Barnett 0112010000000-1120001000000 10 T

KINSLAND, Jesse 1000010000000-1000100000000 4
KINSLAND, Joshua 0001100000000-0001000100000 4

SNIDER, Jacob 1000100000000-2000100000000
5 T
SNIDER, Adam 0012000010000-0001000010000 6
SNIDER, Andrew 0000010000000-0000010000000 2
SNIDER, John 2000100000000-0000100000000
4 T

This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb
Archives by: Wayne Smathers
State of North Carolina, Haywood County.
I, Levi Smathers of Clyde & County and State aforesaid being of sound and
disposing mind and memory, but considering the uncertainty of my earthly
existence do make and declare this my last will and testament in the manner
and form following that is to say: --
First, That my executor (hereinafter named) shall provide for my body a
decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relatives and friends and pay all
funeral expenses together with my first debts, however and to whomever owing
out of the moneys that may first come into his hands as a part or parcel of
my estate.
Second: I give and devise to my beloved wife a comfortable support by dower
or otherwise out of my estate to take care of her through the remaining
portion of her life should she survive myself.
Third: I give and bequeath to my daughter Mrs. Nancy Haynes all my right
title and interest in the mountain lands owned by myself (and the late H. P.
Haynes) which we bought from the Loves, Imanss and others; also I will
that (she Mrs. Nancy Haynes) be paid the sum of Thirty five Hundred Dollars
in cash or solvent notes out of my assets, this to be credited and paid over
to her by my executor hereinafter named.
Fourth: I give and devise to my son D. I. L. Smathers and my grandson
(Willie) Smathers the little corn mill together with the tract of land
belonging thereunto, situated on the old Camp Ground branch and known as the
Sellers mill sometimes there being Twenty five acres in this tract.
Fifth: I give and devise that my two sons Charles L. Smathers and D. I. L.
Smathers shall have the remaining portion of my estate of whatsoever
character, not otherwise disposed of in this will: and that the said Charles
L. Smathers and D. I. L. Smathers shall be equal in the remainder of my
estate not heretofore disposed of in this my will. And if they cannot
amicable divide the assets my executor shall have five per cent for
collecting and paying over the same as directed in my will.
Sixth: Provided that this whole estate hereunto mentioned shall be subject,
under the operations of this will, to my legitimate expenses incurred by the
Serious and protracted illness of myself or my dear wife---This clause is
incorporated in this my will in order to secure to us the comforts and
proper care and attention due us in our declining years and must be defrayed
equally by my dear children out of all the assets I may have when I am
called away.
My reasons for so arranging this is as follows, vig: First, the reason I
have given Willie Smathers property is that he has been partly raised by me,
having lost his mother when quite young, and he has been a dutiful grandson
and been very kind to me and I feel an interest in his success.
Second: The lands heretofore given to Nancy Haynes I consider well worth
Five thousand Dollars and I value the mountain lands given her today at
Fifteen Hundred Dollars.Then at a former time I gave her One Thousand
Dollars and today in this will (Heretofore mentioned) I have given her
thirty five hundred Dollars to be paid after my death; making in all Twelve
thousand that I have given to her at Sundry times; And since the first tract
was given to her the town of Clyde has largely grown up on her lands which
gave her advantage over my two sons subsequently.
Third: My two sons by their united help have greatly aided me to accumulate
the property I have. By their advise and encouragement and actual help, they
have in many ways, done more for me than my daughter Nancy Haynes could have
done. And lastly, I do constitute and appoint my trusty and dutiful son D.
I. L. Smathers my lawful executor to all intent and meaning of the same and
every part and clause thereof. Thereby revoking and declaring utterly void
all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof
Ithe said Levi Smathers do hereunto set my hand and seal. This 20th day of
December 1895.

Levi Smathers (Seal) Signed, Sealed, published and declared by the said Levi
Smathers to be his last will and testament in the presence of uswho at his
request and in his presence do subscribe our ---names as witnesses thereto
Day and date above. H. A. Wells (Seal) T. L. Green (Seal)
1840 Haywood co NC census

Page 109
SMATHERS, Jesse 2000100000000-0001010000000 5 T
SMATHERS, Polly 1110000000000-0100010000000 5
SMATHERS, Henry 0000000100000-0000000001000 2 T
SMATHERS, Charles 1000100000000-0001001000000 4 T
COOK, George 2010001000000-1011111000000 10
SMATHERS, Levi 0000100000000-1000100000000 3
SMATHERS, William 1200100000000-1100100000000 7 T
SMATHERS, George 1020010000000-1110010000000 8 T
HENSON, Mary 1110100000000-1101001000000 8
HENSON, Daniel Sr. 0000000001000-2000000010000 4 T
HENSON, Aaron 2100001000000-2001010000000 8 T
HENSON, Daniel 0200010000000-3300010000000 10 slaves
HENSON, Elijah 0000000001000-0000000100000 2 slaves
Revolutionary War Pensioners enumerated on pg. 118:
Elijah Henson pg. 78
HENSON, Thos. 1202010000000-0202001000000 11
HENSON, Nathaniel 1100010000000-0320100000000 9
HENSON, Allen 0321010000000-0021001000000 11
HENSON, Absalum 0112001000000-2111010000000 11 slaves
HENSON, Alfred 0000101000000-1000100000000 4 slaves


SMATHERS 139A-139B-178B-179A-204A-206A
HENSON 136A-137A-137B-138A-138B-171B-173A-173B-183B-185A-208B-211A

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