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Subject: Smathers Germany?
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Anyone know who these folks are or ran across them?? Even thou variation
of names, I believe its the same family........wondering if they related to
our line of Wm Smither?

Though spelt as would be in Germany this is the same guy as in 1860-80 -
Living in same county/town as Philip Smathers

Simon Schmerder Helen, Clarion, PA 27 Germany
Mary A Schmerder Helen, Clarion, PA 25 Germany
Sophia Schmerder Helen, Clarion, PA 3 Pennsylvania
Elie Schmerder Helen, Clarion, PA 2 Pennsylvania
Mary Schmerder Helen, Clarion, PA 1 Pennsylvania

Simon Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 40 1819 Germany
Mary Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 35 1824 Germany
Sophia Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 15 1844 Pennsylvania
Allesis Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 12 1847 Pennsylvania
Mary Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 11 1848 Pennsylvania
Jacob Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 10 1849 Pennsylvania
Samuel Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 9 1850 Pennsylvania
Joseph Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 8 1851 Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 7 1852 Pennsylvania
Catharine Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 6 1853 Pennsylvania
John Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 5 1854 Pennsylvania
Anna Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 4 1855 Pennsylvania
Sabastian Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 3 1856 Pennsylvania
Simon Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 2.12 1860 Pennsylvania
Peter Smather Knox, Clarion, PA 2.12 1860 Pennsylvania

Simon Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1820 Bavaria / Bayern
A M Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1825 Bavaria / Bayern
Elias Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1848 Pennsylvania
Jacob Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1851 Pennsylvania
Samuel Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1852 Pennsylvania
Joseph Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1853 Pennsylvania
Eliza Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1854 Pennsylvania
Catharine Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1855 Pennsylvania
John Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1856 Pennsylvania
Anna Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1857 Pennsylvania
Sebastian Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1858 Pennsylvania
Margaret Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1860 Pennsylvania
Henry Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1863 Pennsylvania
Simon Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1864 Pennsylvania
A M Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA abt 1866 Pennsylvania

Simon Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1821> BAVARIA
Anna M. Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1825> BAVARIA
Samuel Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1852> Pennsylvania
John Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1855> Pennsylvania
Bostian Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1859> Pennsylvania
Maggie Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1861> Pennsylvania
Henry Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1863> Pennsylvania
Simon Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1864> Pennsylvania
Anna M. Smothers Knox, Clarion, PA <1867> Pennsylvania

Phillip Smathers states in 1880 census both his parents are born in

Philip Smithers (Christian Smithers & Elizabeth Daubenspeck, George Jacob,
Wm Smither1) b 5 Nov 1816 Allegheny Co Pa d 4 Apr 1897 Brocton, New York. He
was buried in Portland, New York. in Evergeen Cemetery
+ Cynthia WHITEHILL 1840 was born on 10 Dec 1823. She died on 27 Jun 1903 in
Brocton, New York. She was buried in Portland, New York Evergreen Cemetery.

1840 Census State: Pennsylvania Co: Venango Roll: M704_497 Township: Paint
Page: 26 Image: 51
Philip Smathers 1 male 20-30 1 female 15-20

1850 STATE or TERRITORY: PA COUNTY: Clarion DIVISION: Highland tonwship REEL
NO: 767 PAGE NO: 210a
537 546 Smathers Phillip 33 M Boat Builder PA b 1817
537 546 Smathers Cynthia 27 F PA [Whitehill]
537 546 Smathers Milton 9 M PA b 1841 X
537 546 Smathers Alphius 7 M PA b 1843 X
537 546 Smathers Martha 5 F PA b 1845 X
537 546 Smathers Winfield S 3 M PA b 1847
537 546 Smathers Emily H 1 F PA b 1849

1860 -Knox Twp Clarion Co PA Looks like Winfield is Scott Winfield in the
1860 census
Philip Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA 45 1815 Pennsylvania Male
Cynthia Smathers Knox Clarion PA 40 1820 Pennsylvania Female
Milton Smathers Knox Clarion PA 18 1842 Pennsylvania Male
Alphius Smathers Knox Clarion PA 16 1844 Pennsylvania Male
Martha Smathers Knox Clarion PA 15 1845 Pennsylvania Female
Scott W Smathers Knox Clarion PA 13 1847 Pennsylvania Male
Henrietta Smathers Knox Clarion PA 12 1848 Pennsylvania Female
Elizabeth Smathers Knox Clarion PA 10 1850 Pennsylvania Female
Sarah Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA 9 1851 Pennsylvania Female
Crestline H Smathers Knox Clarion PA 8 1852 Pennsylvania Female
Allice Smathers Knox, Clarion, PA 4 1856 Pennsylvania Female

1870 Census Venango City, Venango Co PA
Philip Smathers 53 M W Rig builder 100 b Pa
Cynthia 48 F W khouse b Pa
Martha 25 F W b Pa
Scott 24 M W Miller b Pa
Henrietta 19 F W dressmaker b Pa
Elizabeth 17 F W b Pa
Sarah 13 F W b Pa abt 1857
Crestline 12 F W b Pa
Alice 11 F W b Pa
Elsworth 9 M W b Pa
Jessie 7 F W b Pa

Phillip SMOTHERS Self M Male W 63 PA Boarding House GERMANY GERMANY<<PARENTS
Cynthia SMOTHERS Wife M Female W 57 PA Keeping House PA PA
Crissie SMOTHERS Dau S Female W 22 PA AtHome PA PA [Crestline]
Alice SMOTHERS Dau S Female W 20 PA AtHome PA PA
Elmer SMOTHERS Son S Male W 19 PA Chge. Lease Pet. PA PA
Jessie SMOTHERS Dau S Female W 16 PA At Home PA PA
Elizebeth SMOTHERS Dau M Female W 26 PA AtHome PA PA abt 1854 must be a DIL
Maude SMOTHERS GDau S Female W 5 PA At Home PA PA
Blanche SMOTHERS GDau S Female W 2 PA At Home PA PA
Source Information:Census Place Foster, Mckean, Pennsylvania Family
History Library Film1255153 NA Film Number T9-1153 Page Number 62D

1 daughter died infancy=11 grew to maturity
i.MILTON SMATHERS b. March 24, 1841 Pa d. June 1905 Bradford Pa md FE abt
ii.ALPHEUS / Alphius SMATHERS, b. October 1842 Pa d. March 28, 1911 Brocton
iii.MARTHA Whitehill SMATHERS b Nov 1844 Iowa d Jan 29 1913 buried Wereeste
Oh Md Brandon
iv.WINFIELD Scott SMATHERS b 1846 Pa d WFT Est. 1848-1937.
v.Emily Henrietta Smathers b abt 1847 Pa md Cole
vi.Elizabeth Ann Harriger Smathers / Smethers b Feb 7 1848 Fairfield co Oh d
Feb 1 1927 Huntington co Ind bur Feb 3 1927 Mt Etna Cem H Co Ind
md Joseph Weaver abt 1881 Huntington co In b abt 1848 Huntington co In d Sep
29 1921 Huntington co Ind Buried 1 Oct 1921 Mount Etna Cem Mount Etna,
Huntington Co Indiana
vii.Sarah Brisbane Neil SMITHERS b 19 Sep 1850. 1920 resided Baltimore, Ohio
viii.Crestline H Cressie Mill Smathers b abt 1851 Pa md Erb he decd by
ix.Allice / Alice Lyon Smathers b abt 1855 Pa md Craine
xi.Jessie Blanch Smathers md Christy b abt 1864 he decd by 1920
x.ELMER ELLSWORTH SMATHERS, b. May 29, 1861; d. 11 JAN 1928 Westchester Co
New York
+1 Harriett 'Hattie' Kelsey Apr 27 1893 Wellsville, NY b 1866 d 1896
dau/o John Henry Kelsey b 2-1830 Westbrook Ct and Annie Wallace b 2-1836
Poughkeepsie NY.

EE Smathers +2 Anna Smith abt 1906 b abt 1873 NY
Elmer Ellsworth SMATHERS jr B 14 APR 1912 D 4 SEP 1996
The family moved to Jersey City, NJ, then to Bradford, PA with John working
for the Standard Oil Company. They moved from there in 1889 to Wellsville,
NY, where John Kelsey was the superintendent of the Standard Oil pump
station just east of the village. tHEY had 6 children all together."Smathers
had made his fortune in the oil business, and was likely introduced to
Hattie by way of her father John Kelsey while at Standard Oil Company. Among
Smathers companies at the time were: Northern Oil Company, Carport, PA;
Bovard; and Sebang Oil Supply. The couple lived in Pittsburgh, where Hattie
died of Bright's disease in 1896. A large oil painting of her remains in the
family, painted by well known artist Albert F. King; likely painted after
her death from a photograph that is kept with the painting. Smathers then
moved to New York City, eventually marrying a woman called Nan (Annie Smith
Smathers). He owned the building at 26 Broadway and rented it to the
Standard Oil Company.Smathers owned several racing horses, including Lord
Derby, and
Major Delmar, of which he paid $40,000 for in 1903. Following Harriet's
death, Smathers remained close to the Kelsey family, and remembered
Harriet's sister Florence Kelsey (1867-1948) who lived in NYC and worked for
Smathers, and brother William Snow Kelsey (10/6/1870 - 2/26/1935) in his
will. Smathers, his second wife Anna Smith Smathers (1877-1947) and his
parents are buried in the
Portland Cemetery near Westfield, NY. Harriet is buried in the Smathers lot
at Woodlawn Cemetery in Wellsville, NY, along with her sister Florence).

1910 New York: Borough of Manhattan Enumeration District 1389, page 17A
Elmer E. Smathers listed his age as 48, and that he was currently in his
second marriage to Anna (Smith) Smathers, who was apparently also in her
second marriage. They indicated that they had been married four years, and
that Anna had no children by that time. She indicated to the enumerator that
she was then 37 year old (b. approx. 1873), and was a native of New York
State. Her father had been born in Rhode Island, and her mother in New York.
Elmer Smathers recorded his occupation as a producer of oils and that he
owned the house at 304 West 75th Street free and clear of a mortgage. Anna
S. Smathers mother lived with the couple, Alice P. Smith, who
was then a widow aged 59. She had three children, but only two of whom were
alive by the time the 1910 census was enumerated. She was a native of New
York State, as were both of her parents. The extended Smathers family had a
live in cook, five maids, and a butler. They included: Adele Lawston, 30,
Swedish cook (immigrated 1905); Delia Holly, 25, English maid (im. 1904);
Delia Kearns, 28 English maid (im. 1900); Amelia Zeredes, 22, Italian maid
(im. 1895); Dewerall Jeanne, 24, French maid (im. 1903); Elizabeth Learson,
18, Swedish maid (im. 1910; and William Casper, 24, English butler (im.
1910). Despite their multiple nationalalities, all indicated that they could
communicate in English.

Around 1903 Sally was commissioned to model a portrait bust of the 2nd Mrs.
E.E. Smathers. There is an image of the bust on the website under Portraits.
Apparently the Smathers and Farnham were close friends as she personally
sent them an invitation to attend the 1921 unveiling ceremonies for her
monumental Simon Bolivar equestrian statue in Central Park.
Note on Phillip Smathers

The defendant offered in evidence articles of agreement, dated September 5th
1857, between Smathers and the plaintiff, by which Smathers agreed to sell
to the plaintiff the undivided half of the land mentioned in the lease,
"being the same land described in an article between" Smathers and John and
Mary B. Lyons by which they agreed to release their interest in the land to
Smathers. Smathers agreeing to convey the land to the plaintiff in fee
simple clear of all encumbrances, &c., for the purpose of showing that the
plaintiff held title to the premises from Smathers; to be followed by
evidence, that Smathers claimed an undivided moiety under Mary B. Lyons, and
that Smathers and Mrs. Lyons had given a mortgage to Matilda Kifer on which
there was a foreclosure and sale of one of the tracts to Henderson, to show
that the tenant Smathers was ousted by a prior encumbrance "September 10th
1859. -"I hereby become bound to Samuel Duff for the
faithful performance of the covenants and agreements contained in the
foregoing agreement on the part of Philip Smathers in case he fails to
perform the same. Samuel Wilson."
Judgment reversed, and venire facias de novo awarded. The plaintiff gave in
evidence the lease and the defendant's undertaking, and proved that Smathers
went into possession and continued during the term and neglected to deliver
the boats deliverable in the years 1863 and 1864, and proved the value of
the boats; he then rested. This was an action of assumpsit, brought to April
Term 1864, by Samuel Duff against Samuel Wilson. The declaration averred
that the plaintiff had leased certain property to one Smathers, that the
defendant became bound for the covenants in the lease, and that the tenant
had failed to pay the rent. On the trial, February 15th 1870, the plaintiff
gave in evidence articles of agreement, dated September 10th 1859, between
and Philip Smathers, by which he agreed to lease to Smathers for five years
the undivided half of certain tracts of land in Clarion county, being the
same which had been sold by Smathers to the
plaintiff on the 5th of September 1857, with privileges specified in the
agreement: -- the consideration being the delivery by Smethers to the
plaintiff of five pairs of flat-boats, two in each year from 1860 to 1864
inclusive, with other stipulations unimportant to the understanding of the
Maybe he could not deliver the boats bec he was in CW

Civil War Soldiers Database Name: PHILIP SMOTHERS alternate names SMITHERS
OHIO Company:GK Regiment:65 State of Regt: NEW YORK Term: 3YR
Branch:INFANTRY Union Private IN Private OUT Attached to the agreement was
the undertaking of the defendant as follows: --
October 5, 1871, Argued, October 16, 1871, Decided Style Date Citation
Prcis Other Duff v. Wilson - (Allegheny County District Court: No. 98,
October and November Term 1872; Clarion
County No. 53, October and November Term, 1870) November 19, 1872, Argued,
January 6, 1873, Decided 69 Pa. 316; 72 Pa. 442 Originally heard in the
District Court of Allegheny County.

Elmer E. Smathers of NY driving horse Major Delmar and C.K.G. Billings
driving the horse Lou Dillon around the year 1903. I've written a small
article about it fr Susan Zimmerman

Fr Larry Christy - I am a desc of Elmer E Smathers.
My Bro Jan is involved in the Geo on the family and you can contact him at

Heres a picture of Major Delmar.

Dr Smathers The History of the Smathers family in America." Written about
1920. A copy is on file at the DAR in Washington DC.- They had born eight
girls and four boys; all except one girl grew to
maturity. Phillip was an uncle of David, the eldest of his father, Jacob's
family and a brother of Jacob; also, Cynthia Whitehill, Phillip's wife, was
a sister of Martha Whitehill, David's Wife. It is said of Phillip and his
nephew David that they were close friends and helpers much of the time in
their daily work. which was farming and boat building and rafting on the
Clarion River. Both were old and tested pilots. Phillip's sons are all dead
except Elmer Ellsworth, the multimillionaire of New York City, 304 w. 75th
Street. He was born May 29 1861 in Clarion county. He owns a large farm in
fine state of cultivation at Brocton NY. It is noted for it s production of
grapes. He has located here his sister, Mrs Hanrietta Cole and family
besides four widowed sisters and their families, namely Elizabeth Harriger
Weaver Cressie Mill Erb Jessie Blanch Christy Alice Lyon Craine Besides the
above named children are Mrs. Martha Whitehill Brandon, born Iowa Nov. 1844,
died Jan 29, 1913; buried at Wereeste, Ohio. Milton, born Mar. 24, 1841,
died June 1905 at Bradford, Pa. where he is buried and the family resides.
Alphens, born Oct. 1842, died Mar. 28, 1911, at Brocton, NH. He had
two children, a boy and a girl. Martin resides at Steubenville, Ohio.

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