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From: Cynthia Kirkland <>
Subject: Families Lines I'm Researching
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 17:10:18 -0600

Dear SMILEY/SMILIE Researchers,

I hope that some of you can take the time to browse down this list. Perhaps
we are working on some of the same lines and can help one another. This
list represents all of the names I am researching, but are not nessessarily
in the same line. Sincerely, Cindy Kirkland

The following names are in the lines on both my mother's and father's
sides, including SMILIE:

(Last names are alphabetical - first names are in order of descendancy
within the last name) I have more information on many of these families.

Austin, William ?-1765 SC (d. Craven Co. SC) (Am REV)
Austin, Bartholomew 1715-1771 SC (d. St Marks Parish, Craven Co. SC) (Col.
Austin, Davis Sr. 1730-40 to 1788 SC>GA
Austin, Davis Jr. 1780-1850-2 GA>AL (d. Butler Co.)
Austin, Sarah Caroline 1822-1880 (wife of Arthur Sims) (d. Butler Co. AL)
Ashburne, Sally ?-1799 (wife of Sherrod Sims) (b. Spalding Co. GA)
Barksdale, William (England)
Barksdale, Collier (Am. REV.)
Barksdale, Lt. John 1751-1803 VA>GA (d. Warren Co. GA)
Barksdale, Terrell 1784-1871 VA>GA (b. Charlotte Co. VA - d. Talbot Co. GA)
Barksdale, Harriet "Jane" 1820-? GA>AL(wife John W.C.Bradberry)(b.Talbot Co. GA
- d. Bullock Co.AL)
Battle, Elizabeth Ruth c.1747-? (place ?)(wife of Josiah Crudup)
Bottoms, Frances 1824-1823 SC>GA>AL (wife of Malachi Reaves Sims) (b. SC - d.
Barbour Co. AL)
Bradberry, James ?-1842 VA>GA (d. Talbot Co. GA)
Bradberry, John W. C. 1811-? GA>AL (b.Talbot Co. GA - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Bradberry, John Calhoun 1861-1921 GA>AL (b. Talbot Co. GA - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Bradberry, John Frank 1896-1938 GA>AL (b. Union Springs, Bullock Co.AL)
Burnley, John (England)
Burnley, Isreal 1725-1790 VA>GA (d. Wilkes Co. GA) (AM. REV)
Burnley, Susannah c. 1769-1803 VA>GA (wife of John Barksdale)(b. Charlotte Co.
VA - d. Warren Co. GA)
Cameron, Mary c. 1820-? AL(possible wife of Jacob Smilie Jr.)(d. Montgomery
Cogdell, Charles 1818-1901 NC>AL (b. NC - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Cogdell, Josephine Muriel 1862-1943 AL(wife of John Calhoun Bradberry) (b. &
d. Bullock Co.AL)
Crudup, John c.1712-1753 England
Crudup, Josiah c.1748-1819 (place ?)
Crudup, Mourning c. late 1600's-early 1700's (wife of Matthew Raiford)
Davies, Phebe (wife of John Burnley)
Dixon, Mourning 1722-1781 (wife of John Crudup) England
Elizabeth Dudley ?-1803 (wife of Benjamin Hill)
Edwards, Nathan (d. in FL c. late 1700's-early 1800's)
Edwards, Eleandor ?-1837 NC>AL (wife of William Sellers) (b. poss. NC - d. Pike
Co. AL)
Ellis, Temperance (Tempy) c.1785-1865 MD/GA>AL (wife of Thomas Frizzell)
(kidnapped by Creek Indians at age 7 in Greene Co. GA and held as white
slave until age 12 - d. in Pike Co. AL) (Birth origin poss. MD)
Falconer, Stephen Tomlinson
Falconer, Mary L. (wife of John Forsyth)
Forsyth, John (father of Mary)
Forsyth, Mary Ann ?-1797 GA (wife of Davis Austin Sr.)
? Fortune ? (wife of Philip Wreyford) (unclear as to whether this is a first
name or last name)
Frizzell, Thomas c. 1774-1857 NC>AL (d.Pike Co. AL)
Frizzell, Mary Mahala 1819-1893 GA>AL (wife of William O'Neill)(b. GA - d.
Bullock Co.AL)
Gilmore, William Daniel ?-1805 GA>AL (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Gilmore, Mary 1827-1910 AL (wife of Charles Cogdell) (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Hamlin/Hamblin, Tabitha (wife of George Wilmot)
Harvey, Michael ?-1809 (d. Baldwin Co. GA)
Harvey, Sarah "Salley" 1788-1854 GA (wife Terrell Barksdale)(d. Talbot Co. GA)
Hall, Mary (wife of Stephen Tomlinson Falconer)
Hall, William (father of Mary)
Hawkins, Rebecca (wife of Michael Harvey)
Hill, Benjamin ?-1776(poss. father of Eleanore)
Hill, Eleanore b. GA - d. AL (wife of Davis Austin Jr.)
Hilson, John ?-1802 GA (Am. Rev.)
Hilson, Aaron 1774-5 to 1813 SC>GA (b. Marlborough Co. SC - d.
Milledgeville GA)
Hilson, Pinkney W. 1813-14 to 1853 GA>AL (b. Baldwin Co. GA - d. Butler Co.AL)
Hilson, Sarah Nancy Audelia 1850-1903 (wife of Re. Alexander Theodore Sims)
(b. & d. Butler Co. AL)
Kinchen/Kichen, Sarah c.1655-aft.1724 Eng>VA (wife of Philip Raiford)
McMillen, S.A.J. c. 1813 (of Pike Co.AL)
McMillen, Olivia L. ?-1872 AL(wife of Thomas Benjamin O'Neal) (d. Bullock
Nichols, Polly (wife of Charles Wright)
Odom, James b. by 1816 VA/SC
Odom, William 1800-abt. 1850 SC>AL
Odom, Anna E. 1820-1887 SC>AL (wife of Pinkney W. Hilson) (b. SC - d. Butler
O'Neill, William (M?) 1817-1896 GA>AL (b. GA - d. Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neill, Thomas Benjamin 1842-1870 AL (b. & d. Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neal, William Thomas 1866-1949 AL (of Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neal, Mamie Ruth 1895-1990 AL (wife of John Frank Bradberry) (b. Fitzpatrick,
Bullock Co. - bur. Union Springs, Bullock Co.AL)
Oxford, Sarah Elizabeth (wife of Joel Terrell)
Peoples, Sarah Jane ?-1781 (poss. 1st wife of Elisha Sellers)(d.Brunswick
Pasey/Posey, Martha b. c. 1776 in NC (mother of Matilda) (d. Bullock Co. AL)
Pasey/Posey, Matilda ?-1808 SC (wife of William Gilmore) (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Pickett, ? (wife of Robert Raiford)
Raiford, Matthew 1687-1758 VA>NC (b. Isle of Wight VA - d. Cumberland CO. NC)
Raiford, Philip 1649-1724 Eng>VA (b. Crediton, Devon, Eng - d. Isle of
Wight VA)
Raiford, Robert 1720-1801 NC (d. Johnston Co. NC)
Raiford, Sarah 1762-1835 NC>AL (wife of Jacob Smilie) (d. Montgomery Co.AL)
Randolph, Sarah (wife of Collier Barksdale)
Rice, Mary (wife of John Sims)
Sellers, Elisha c.1744-1801 VA/NC>NC (d. Brunswick Co. NC) (Am. REV.)
Sellers, Matthew 1768-1849 NC>AL (b. Brunswick Co. NC - d. Pike Co. AL)
Sellers, William 1791-1858-60 NC>AL (b. Wilmington District, Brunswick Co. NC -
d. Pike Co. AL)
Sellers, Nathaniel Edward 1826-? SC>AL (b. in route during Census year in
SC or GA - d. Montgomery Co. AL)
Sellers, Emma Bell 1870-1965 AL (wife of William Thomas O'Neal)(b. Pine Level,
Montgomery Co. AL. - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Reddoch, Sarah (formerly Mrs. Aaron Hilson)
Sims, Malachi Reaves 1823-1869 (father of James Monroe) (b. GA - d. Dale
Co. AL)
Sims, James Monroe (father of Charles Lee)
Sims, Charles Lee
Sims, John (poss. father of Sherrod)
Sims, Sherrod 1730-1725 (father of Stephen) (b. Hanover Co. VA - d. Lancaster
Co. SC) (Am. REV.)
Sims, Stephen 1782-1857 (father of Arthur) (b. SC - d. Butler Co. AL)
Sims, Arthur (Forest?) 1806-7 -1881 (b. & d. Butler Co. AL)
Sims, Alexander Theodore 1849-1827 (b. Starlington, Butler Co.- d. Selma)
Sims, Maude Carline 1878-1957 (wife of Charles Lee Sims) (b. & d. Butler
Co. AL)
Smilie, Jacob Sr. (c. late 1700's-early 1800's)
Smilie, Jacob Jr. c.1816-1841 NC>AL (poss. b. Cumberland Co. NC - d. Montgomery
Smilie, Isabelle 1831-1872 AL (wife of Nathaniel Edward Sellers) (b. & d.
Montgomery Co. AL)
Terrell, Joel (father of Hannah)
Terrell, Hannah 1723-5 - 1792 VA>GA (wife of Isreal Burnley) (d. Wilkes Co.
Vinson, Charles Moses 1813-1895 (b. GA - d. Butler Co. AL)
Vinson, Frances Viola (wife of James Monroe Sims)
Wilmot, George (no dates/place - father of Elizabeth)
Wilmot, Elizabeth 1797-1866 (wife of Samuel Wright) (b. GA - d. Lee Co. AL)
Wreyford, Elias (father of Philip)
Wreyford, Philip c.1620-? England
Wright, Solomon SC (poss. father of Charles) (moved to Wilkenson Co. GA)
Wright, Charles (poss. father of Samuel) (of Wilkenson Co. GA)
Wright, Samuel 1797-1889 (b. GA - d. Lee Co. AL)
Wright, Sarah 1819-1908 (wife of Charles Moses Vinson) (b. GA - d. Butler

The names I am searching on my husband's side are:
Kirkland, Kellum, Montieth, Singleton, Majors, Tabor, McPeeters and others.

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My specific research includes these Genealogy lines:

Sims 1,Vinson, Wright, Bottoms, Hartsfield, Wilmot, Nichols, Hamlin) SC>GA>AL

Sims 2, Hilson, Odom, Austin, Hill, Ashburn, Forsyth, Falconer, Symes)
VA>NC>SC>GA>AL. This line possibly originates in:Dorset, Somerset, Devon, GB

Bradberry, O'Neal/O'Neill, Cogdell, Gilmore, Barksdale, Harvey, Burnley,
Terrell, Randolph) GA>AL

O'Neal/O'Neill, Bradberry, Sellers, Smilie, Raiford, McMillen/McMillin,
Frizzell, Ellis, Edwards) GA>AL

Kirkland, Singleton, Chaney, Kellum, Tabor, Kuykendall, Hartfield

Singleton, Kirkland, Major) MO>TX

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