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From: Dan Franklin <>
Subject: Seoul City Sue
Date: 31 Dec 96 16:16:46 EST

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From:Dan Franklin,
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Date:12/30/96 8:55 PM

RE:Seoul City Sue

I did some inquiry into Seoul City Sue. I talked with the 8th Army Historian
in Seoul. All he had was that Seoul City Sue was not one person, but the voice
of several different women. He did not have any names on the people that was
used by North Korea for the broadcast. It is possible that Anna Wallis could
have been one of them, but there is no evidence to support that. He is going to
inquire some other sources, but doesn't expect to find out anything else. If he
does I'll let you know.
What he had read on the subject was that the propaganda was not taken
seriously at all by American soldiers. It was just too far fetched. American
soldiers did like to listen to the broadcast because of the music, but the
propaganda was dismissed for what it was. The American troops actually thought
it was humorous.
Wish I could help you more. Dan

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