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Subject: [SMITH-L] John Pryor SMITH and Lemuel SMITH, Halifax Co, VA and Granville area, NC
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 00:44:28 -0400 (EDT)

I am continuing information that I have collected on the three children of
Charles SMITH, d. by Dec 1757 Court Halifax Co, VA; namely, John Pryor
SMITH, Lemuel SMITH, and Peggy SMITH. Because I am a descendant of Peggy
Smith, who married John Dabney, I have NOT followed the SMITH line beyond
Peggy's two SMITH brothers. These children's mother Elizabeth PRYOR married
secondly Matthew FLOURNOY and raised a large number of FLOURNOY children,
almost all of whom moved/born in KY.

>From the "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy," published quarterly by the
Virginia Genealogical Society, Volume 25 for the Year 1987, issue 3, page 15:
Article: Eighteenth Century Charlotte County Children, Abstracted by Joanne
Lovelace Nance: Charlotte County was formed from Lunenburg in 1764. "These
abstracts begin the following year when the courts were created, thus
indicating the area of Lunenburg that the parents of these children lived in.
Where orphans choose their guardians, readers are reminded that under the
English Common Law observed in colonial Virginia country courts, orphan
females could choose guardians at twelve and males at fourteen. Guardians
appointed by the court suggest the ward has not attained the age of
individual choice." Charlotte Order Book 1 (1765-1767) "Matthew Flournoy
appointed guardian to Lemuel, Peggy, and John Pryor SMITH, orphans of Charles
SMITH. 7 May 1770. p. 347"

See above "Charlotte Order Book 4 (1774-1780) … "1 Apr. 1776, p. 78 … Matthew
Flournoy, guardian to Lemuel and John Pryor SMITH [orphans of Charles SMITH],
account closed - orphans now of legal age."

>From "Early Wills 1746-1765 Lunenburg County, Virginia," compiled by
Katherine B. Elliott, p. 144: "Drury SMITH is appointed guardian for Lemuel
SMITH and Margaret SMITH, orphans of Charles SMITH, deceased, and with Robert
Munford his security entered into and acknowledged bond for that purpose.
March Court 1761, Order Book 5\6, Page 223."

The following material was given to me and originated from Allen N. Dixon,
Jr. I have NOT checked on its accuracy. However, he has cited several
sources from which he extracted his information.

Lemuel SMITH, born 1756 probably Halifax Co, VA the son of Charles SMITH and
Elizabeth PRYOR. He died by Frb Term of Court 1822, date of probate of his
will in Chatham Co, NC; married 13 Oct 1778 Pittsylvania Co, VA Bethenia
Perkins, born 22 Dec 1763 Halifax Co, VA, dau of Peter Perkins and Agness
Wilson, d. 25 Sept 1845 Hardeman Co, TN. Bethenia was also spelled as
Bathinia and Bethunia.

In Pittsylvania Co, VA Claims for Supplies - Revolutionary War Soldiers,
1782, located in that courthouse, Lemuel SMITH is listed on page 60 as having
been paid for 11 days service in carrying Prisoners of War to the barracks.
Rate of 6 shillings a day: L3:6:0.

Judging from the age of Lemuel SMITH at the time of the Revolunary War and
the name of one of his children, one can speculate that he served several
tours in the Pittsylvania Co Militia, including participation in the Battle
of Guilford Court House on 15 Mar 1781 with Gen Nathanael Green's Army. But
he did not live until the Act of Congress 7 June 1832 that allowed a
landowner to apply for a pension on his service.

On 10 Apr 1788, Lemuel SMITH who was then "of Surry Co, NC" sold 254 acres of
lnad on both sides of Cascade Creek in Pittsylvania Co., VA (Pitt. Co Deed
Book 8, page 278). This was the section of Surry that became Stokes Co in
1790, where this SMITH family lived for several years being listed in the
1800 Census of Chatham Co, NC

Children of Lemuel SMITH:

1 - Agness Wilson SMITH, b. 1780 Pittsylvania Co, VA; m1. Anguish McNeill,
m2. 20 Apr 1812 Chatham Co, NC John Silver

2 - Elizabeth Pryor SMITH, b. 1780/84, m. Joab Johnson (c1782-1841)

3 - Peter Perkins SMITH, Esq., b. 1783 (Census 1786), d. 4 Nov 1855 Hardeman
Co, TN (TN Baptist 12/22/1855 & 2/23/1856), m1. Peggy (---) (1790-1844), m2.
Elizabeth (1790- )

4 - Charles SMITH

5 - Peggy SMITH

6 - Nicholas Perkins SMITH, Attorney At Law, d. Oct 1832 Williamson Co, TN;
m. 6 Nov 1816 Williamson Co, TN Mary O'Neal Perkins

7 - John Pryor SMITH, Esq., b. 12 Dec 1807 (Census 1794), d. 23 Oct 1854
Hardeman Co, TN (see TN Baptist, 9 Dec 1854)

8 - Lemuel SMITH, b. ca 1798 Stokes Co, NC, m. 1 Jan 1822 Williamson Co, TN
(Record # 3321-52) Agnes W. Perkins

9 - Nathaniel Greene SMITH, Esq., b. ca 1803 Chatham Co, NC, m. 28 Feb 1828
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC Sarah Kimbrough, lived in Hardeman Co, TN

In Lemuel SMITH's will, he mentions his granddaughter Bethunia P. Johnston.

In the book "Abstracts of the Will and Estate Records of Granville County, NC
1808-1822, Vol. II, by ZAE Gwynn, 1976, we find an abstract of the will of
John Pryor SMITH (Granville Co, NC Book 9, pp. 185-186) Feb. 3, 1822 - proved
May court 1823 - John Pryor SMITH wills
to son DRURY SMITH the negroes, 5 of them he took with him when he left me,
also a horse and the money I gave him to buy land;
to CHARLES, my son, 4 negroes which he already has taken with him when he
went away and the money I gvae him to buy land;
to son LEMUEL, the land whereon I live containing 619 acres, negroes, 2
featherbeds and furniture, tools, furniture, stock, dishes, silver;
to son JOBY, negroes to him and wife Isabella for their lifetime and, if they
have no children, the negroes and their issue to return to my other children
and their heirs;
to daughter DIANNA SEAWELL, 4 negroes, featherbeds and furniture, horse, to
her and her husband Gideon Seawell;
to daughter PEGGY SMITH, 4 negroes, saddle and bridle, horse, and a book
called Burkett, on the new testament, bed and furniture;
to grandchildren, sons and daughters of my deceased daughter FRANCES H.
MARROW, namely William D., Dianna Marrow, negroes to them and their heirs
books and other estate remaining to be divided between all my sons and
daughters, namely: DRURY, CHARLES, LEMUEL, DIANA, PEGGY.
Exrs: Joseph Lewis, sons DRURY and LEMUEL SMITH. Wts: Drury S. Marrow,
James Ridley.

Hope these items help some of our SMITH relations.

Nancy B. Alexander

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