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Subject: [SMITH-L] More early SMITH wills of NC, 1690-1760
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 00:28:09 -0400 (EDT)

Abstract of North Carolina Wills, by J. Bryan Grimes, 1980 SMITH

Smith, Joseph. Perquimans County. October 2, 1724. July 17, 1732. Sons:
John, Joseph (land in Ballyhack). Daughter: Elisabeth Smith. Wife and
Executrix: Leah. Executor: Samuel Phelps. Witnesses: Robert Wilson, Luke
Noblin, Thomas Elliot. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman.

Smith, Levi. Currituck Precinct. August 29, 1709. January 10, 1715/6.
Son: Jeremiah. Wife and Executrix: Sarah ("all my estate"). Witnesses:
Tho. Taylor, Edwd. Taylor, Jos. Wicker. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker.

Smith, Nicholas. Beaufort County. April 14, 1751. June Court, 1751. Son
and Executor: Simon. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Andrew and
Richard Brown, Thomas Williams. Clerk of the Court: William Ormond.

Smith, Richard. Pasquotank County. January 10, 1750/1. April Court, 1751.
Wife and Executrix: Mary Ann Smith. Executor: Henry Pendleton.
Witnesses: Henry Pendleton, George Pendleton, Ann Meads. Clerk of the
Court: Tho. Taylor.

Smith, Richard. Northampton County. July 26, 1751. February Court, 1756.
Legatees: Drury and Mary Aldridg and Richard Smith (grandson). Executors:
Henry Arthur Smith (son), Robert Sturt. Witnesses: John Peterson, Robert
Stuart, Wm. Cocke. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards.

Smith, Richard. Edgecombe County. December 17, 1756. May Court, 1757.
Sons: Richard, Stephen, William (to each is devised 73 acres of land),
Benjamin ("my plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John
Doyle, Charles Dodson. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort.

Smith, Robert. Perquimans Precinct. February 13, 1692/3. May 1, 1693.
Son: Joseph. Daughter: Elizabeth. Son-in-law: Samuel Wood. Executors:
William and John Godfrey. Witnesses: Thomas Steele, Elizabeth Godfrey,
Samuel Wood. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo.

Smith, Robert. Bertie County. January 26, 1726. May Court, 1726. Son:
Robert (one plantation). Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary Smith. Wife and
Executrix: Mary. Executor: Barraby Melton. Witnesses: William Low, John
Low, John Werham. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster.

Smith, Sarah. Currituck Precinct. February 22, 1721/2. Son and Executor:
Thomas Taylor. Witnesses: Cornelius Jones, Ann Peacock, And. Peacock.
Clerk of the Court: John Martyn.

Smith, Thomas. Albemarle County. November 4, 1706. Legatees: Margritt
Cuttler and James Ward (Executor). Witnesses: Jno. Allcock, Stephen Swaine,
Patricke Cavyelton. No probate.

Smith, Thomas. Beaufort County. December 12, 1752. March Court, 1753.
Son: James. Daughter: Mary Smith. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses:
George Gerrard, Thomas Henly, Samll. Taylor. Clerk of the Court: William

Smith, Thomas. Edgecombe County. March 10, 1757. May Court, 1757. Wife
and Executrix: not named. Executor: Banjamin Haile. Witnesses: John and
Susana Jones. Clerk of the Court: Joseph Montfort.

Smith, William. December 28, 1716. October 24, 1724. Little River. Wife
and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Ro. Buckner, John Fourre. Clerk of
the Court: John Cornick. Will proven before George Burrington.

Smith, William. Pasquotank Precinct. March 14, 1719/20. May 11, 1734.
Son: John ("my land and plantation"). Daughter: Lydia Smith. Wife and
Executrix: Elizabeth Smith. Executors: John Smith (brother), Wm. Relfe.
Witnesses: W. Norris, Wm. Relfe, Richard Relfe. Proven before Nath. Rice.

Smith, William. Tyrrell County. February 12, 1741/2. March 16, 1742.
Sons: Thomas, Samuel and John (1 shilling to each). Wife and Executrix:
Elizabeth. Witnesses: Wineford Combs, Mary Mackey, Ann Macke. Proven
before W. Smith, C.J. Clerk of the Court: W. Downing.

Smith, William. Chowan County. March 30, 1743. July Court, 1743.
Legatees: Robert Halton (box of china at Abraham Blackall's), Benjamin
Hill, David Coletrane, James Craven, Joseph Anderson, Joseph Harren, Dr.
William Cathcart and Dr. Abraham Blackall, Thomas Jones, Gabriel Johnston,
James Trotter. Executors: Gabriel Johnston and Robert Halton. Witnesses:
T. Barker, William Herritage, Alexr. McCulloch. Clerk of the Court: Richd.

Smith, William. Craven County. September 4, 1749. March 20, 1749. Sons:
James ("my plantation"), Richard. Daughters: Mary and Elizabeth (one
mulatto slave to each), Sary Ann Smith. Wife and Executrix: Sarah.
Witnesses: Levi Trewhitt, Andrew Bass, Isabella Keith. Clerk of the Court:
Phil. Smith.

Smith, William. Chowan County. April 26, 1755. July Court, 1755. "Late of
the Shire of Perth in North Britain, but now of Chowan Precinct in Carolina."
Brothers: John and James Smith. Sister: Isabel Smith, relict of Thomas
Emers. Executor: William Mearns. Witnesses: Thomas Barker, Robert Lenox.
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones.

That's all the abstracts of SMITH wills that I find in "abtract of North
Carolina Wills," by J. Bryan Grimes. Hope that this material will of use to

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