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Subject: Re: [SMITH] NJ Smith's
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 10:35:36 -0500


Here is the reference to which I spoke in my email to you early this
morning (in which I included the Smith text file) - the man's name is
Mark - I do have his last name somewhere - I will find it.....-his entire
message is on genforum under Andrew Smith....but this is the paragraph in
which he addresses the issue of Thomas vs. John as husband of Rebecca

"From the 1703 will of Andrew Smith, as well as various other sources, we
know that daughter Sarah Smith (b. November 28, 1675) married John Parke,
daughter Elizabeth Smith (b. April 7/11, 1680) married John Reed,
daughter Mary Smith (b. September, 1682) married William Schooley, and
Andrew Smith (b. February 8, 1689) married Sarah Stout. Researchers
Gloria Padach and Ethel Stroupe in various articles published in “Rowan
County Register” assert that son Thomas Smith (b. November 20, 1677)
married Rebecca Anderson (b. January 6, 1699, d. August 12, 1785), and
that he along with Jonathan Hunt, John Titus, and others setttled in
1740s and 1750s in old Rowan County, North Carolina. While Padach and
Stroupe do an excellent job documenting the migrations of early Rowan
settlers and showing their connections to Hopewell, New Jersey, their
thesis regarding Thomas Smith’s marriage and settlement in Rowan County
is subject to debate. Court minutes of Rowan County show clearly that
Rebecca Anderson’s husband was John Smith (d. 1763), not Thomas. Early
references to a Thomas Smith in the 1740s seem to refer to the Thomas
Smith who devised his will on August 12, 1751 in Anson (later Rowan)
County, with wife Sarah Smith and Jonathan Hunt as executors. This Thomas
Smith appears to have been a younger man who left underage children, and
does not appear identical to the Thomas Smith born in 1677. Little
evidence exists to conclusively prove that the elder Thomas Smith (b.
1677) came to Rowan county. Documents showing his land adjoining Robert
Heaton seem to refer to the Thomas Smith who left his will in 1751.
However, both John Smith (d..1763, md. Rebecca Anderson) and Thomas Smith
(will dated 1751; md. Sarah) could be likely sons of the earlier Thomas
Smith, who with John Parke went to Hampshire County, Virginia after 1735.
Cattle marks, name occurances, and their association with individuals
originally from Hopewell, New Jersey clearly suggest the relationship of
Thomas (will 1751) and John Smith (d. 1763) of Rowan County to the Andrew
Smith family of New Jersey."

Susan Gall
Winston-Salem, NC

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:46:36 -0800 "Gloria Padach" <>
> Dear Researchers:
> Some of you may know me, I am Gloria Padach of Laguna Beach, CA.
> My old address was () I have been silent for
> sometime now. I recently check on the Smith lines found on
> and other such groups. I find that there are many
> errors on what has been put on the net. One copies the mistakes of
> the others and so it goes.
> If you are interested in the Andrew Smith line of Hopewell NJ. in
> the 1675 when we first find him entering the names of his children
> in the "Pitt" Bible please contact me. There are two distinct and
> unrelated Smith families in NJ and they have been inter mixed. My
> line is from Thomas Smith, son of Andrew, who leaves Hopewell in
> 1735. I do have information on Andrew's other children also.
> Gloria Padach
> Laguna Beach, CA
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