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From: Vicky Drake <>
Subject: [SNARE] Fwd: PML Search Result matching Snare or Snair
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 11:14:42 -0700

Can't remeber if I sent this before


>Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 21:50:04 -0600
>From: "Vee L. Housman" <>
>Subject: PML Search Result matching Snare or Snair
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>Subject: [PD-LIFE] Genealogy with a "kicker"
>Dear Group,
>I don't know where I'm going with this story right now, but this afternoon
>with nothing particularly on my mind I decided to surf the archives of the
>mailing lists at Rootsweb. I finally picked out the ESSIG (ESSICK) list to
>see if anyone was researching my line from Adams County, PA. When I punched
>in the word "Adams" (for Adams County, PA) I came across an eye-opening
>message that had been gatewayed to the list. Was it about my own personal
>Essick family line? Well pretty close. But that wasn't what opened my
>eyes. It was . . . . . well let me try to copy and paste what I read below:
>There is an Indian massacre story, but it involves Simon's [Essig's] wife's
>family: The Anniversary History of Lehigh County (1914), pp. 1210-11,
>states that John Sensinger had married Maria Magdalena Kunkle "and had four
>children: Margaret, b. 1750, Magdalena, b. 1751, Andrew, b. 1753, and
>Barbara, b. 1755. He was killed by Indians about the year 1756 . . . ."
> Richard T. Williams' Index of Wills and Administrations Records (1971)
>includes the probate (#121) in what was then Northampton Co. of the Will of
>John Sensinger in 1757; his widow Magdelena was the executor.
> The History of Lehigh County. Pennsylvania (____), p. 78, states:
> John Sensinger was the son of Ulrich Sensinger,
> one of the pioneer settlers of Heidelberg township. He
> had a family consisting of his wife and four small
> children, Margaret, Magdalena, Andrew and Barbara, a
> child of only a few months. For four years after the
> massacre of Sensinger and his mother, whose name was
> Mary Catharine, the place where he had lived was
> deserted, the family having been compelled to live with
> relatives and the buildings were in bad condition.
> Casper Schnerr, who had married the widow,
> Magdalena Sensinger, then [ca. 1760) settled upon the
> place and reared the children of the murdered father.
>Caspar Schnerr and his wife Magdalena had two daughters:
> Anna Maria, b. ____, bp. 9 May 1761, sponsors Johannes Kunckell
> and [wife] Margaretha7
> Juliana Margaretha, b. "the 15th of April", bp. 28 [Apr.) 1765,
>sponsors Jurg Kern and [wife] Juliana Margaretha [Troxell?? ]8
>[Vee's note here: Juliana Margaretha SCHNERR married Simon ESSIG. I also
>have to mention that Caspar and Magdelena had two other daughters, one of
>whom was Elizabeth who was my ancestor who married John BENDER.]
>Caspar's name was spelled "Snare" [?] to match the German pronunciation by
>the time his will, probated in 1790 in now Adams Co., Pa., was written.9 His
>gravestone at Bender's Church (SEE FOOTNOTE 13) shows that he was b. 21 Apr.
>1732, d. 30 Mch. 1790, and has a Revolutionary War marker on it.
>[Vee again] So what was there about the above family history? Well, you
>might recall that on several occasions I have posted the story I wrote based
>on my view of the reading of the 1790 probated will of Caspar Schnerr from
>the viewpoint of his widow Magdalena. And in Caspar's will he refers to his
>wife as "Madlen Deringher" and with that reference I assumed that it was her
>maiden name. But what if it wasn't? What if the person who had transcribed
>the will and entered it into the court records mistook the name SENSINGER
>for DERINGHER? And if so, what disturbs me the most is not that I've been
>looking in the wrong direction for her parents but that it suddenly made me
>realize what she had gone through.
>If the above is true, picture this: Maria Magdalena Kunkle married John
>Sensinger and they lived in Heidleburg, Northampton (now Leheigh) County,
>PA, in the mid 1750s. They had four young children by the time that the
>Indians attacked and murdered her husband John in 1756. The youngest of
>their children (Barbara) was only a few months old at the time. For a
>period of about four years Magdalena had to fend for herself with relatives
>and without a husband to protect her.
>And then along came Caspar Schnerr from the area and married her and
>supposedly took care of the children of her murdered husband. On 3 January
>1758 Magdalena gave birth to Catherine Schnerr who eventually married John
>Bender. Shortly after her birth, Caspar joined the militia on May 3, 1758,
>to fight in the French and Indian War.
>Now I don't know what happened to those young Sensinger children, Margaret,
>Magdalena, Andrew and Barbara, but I know they weren't mentioned in Caspar's
>will. But Oh Lordy, wouldn't you know that I had to go back to Rootsweb
>this minute to see if I could find a trace of them? And I found them on
>WorldConnect!! There's Andrew's descendants down to the present generation!
>As I said at the beginning of this, I didn't know where I was going with
>this but wherever I've been, it's been a mind boggling experience!

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