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From: Nancy Howard <>
Subject: Fwd: Pleasant Valley History
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:55:24 -0800 (PST)

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Hi Listers,
I thought this was sent 'to all', but it wasn't; sorry for the ambigious references; this preceeds the Clarksville post. There sure is a lot of history in that area.

note: forwarded msg attached.

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From: Nancy Howard <>
Subject: Pleasant Valley History
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Hi Dan,
Your relative was correct, there is/was a Pleasant Valley. Here
are the references to it in "Historic Spots in California" by Hoover
and Rensch:
referring to the route of the Mormon Battalion and the Carson
Emigrant Road....
"The course of the old road through El Dorado County may be traced
on modern maps by the names of the campsites, once important places
along the divide between the Cosumnes River and the south Fork of the
American River: Tragedy Springs, Leek Spring, Camp Springs, Sly Park,
Pleasant Valley, Diamond Springs, Mud Springs (El Dorado), Shingle
Springs, Clarksville and White Rock Springs (in Sacramento County).
Highway 50 follows roughly the same route today.
Traffic over the Carson Road was enormous during the early 1850's,
and a chain of wayside stations was established along its entire
length between Mormon Station (later Genoa, in Nevada) and Hangtown
(Placerville). Every mile had its inn or hotel. Few remnants of the
early taverns remain, even the sites of many would be difficult to
determine exactly."
"Pleasant Valley, ten miles southeast of Placerville, was named by
a group of Mormons who camped there en route to Salt Lake City in the
summer of 1848. At the northern end of the valley a large corral was
built for some of the cattle, and a second one was placed on the South
Fork of Weber Creek, one half mile further north. Gold was discovered
while the pilgrims were at this spot, but even gold could not detain
them from the real purpose of their journey, and after a three weeks'
rest they resumed their march up the divide and over the Sierra Nevada.
When some of these same Mormons returned to California in 1849,
news of their discovery at Pleasant Valley the year before spread
quickly, and many miners were soon panning out the yellow dust in the
vacinity of the old corrals, making an average of eight dollar a day.
By July hundreds of Argonauts were pouring into California by the
Emigrant Trail. Coming by way of Stonebreaker Hill, the golden quest
ended for some of these wayfarers at Pleasant Valley."
Hope this helps,
Nancy Howard

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