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From: "Bob Boone" <>
Subject: [SOG-UK] BOONE - Somerset, Devon, London
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 11:08:08 -0400


I'm writing from America, new to this list, but having been a member for
nearly 2-years and an SOG visitor for over 4 years. My specific interest
is in the period 1580 - 1700, to identify those BOONE individuals who
may have come to America.

Since 2002, I've researched potential English ancestors - those that
might have come to America circa 1660-1690. I've assembled trees on a
number of BOONE groups, with the most compatible matches located in the
southwest and metro London areas.

As I seem to be hitting a wall, I'm asking if others have knowledge of
these two specific groups. I have participated in DNA study since its
inception, and am seeking BOONE DNA signatures from the UK (as they
seldom get cross posted between the competing companies) that might lead
me to new information.

1) BONE, BOON or BOONE, Middlesex -- Enfield / Edmonton areas, from
1523 onward. One historian of my American family indicated original
immigrant to America (1663) was Thomas, son of Nicholas and Ann in UK.
Such a relationship was found in Enfield, but no evidence anyone came to
America. No known living descendants in UK that might supply DNA

2) Boone, Boon, Somerset / Devon -- Existing knowledge identifies John
Boone ca. 1570 in Taunton, sons Christopher, Robert and Richard, who
produce Thomas Boone (Mount Boone, Devon), John Boone (Greenwich) and
Christopher Boone (Lee, Kent). This family produces merchants and
mariners that travel to the ends of the empire from 1640 until at least
1770, with several known to be in America (Charleston, S.C. and New
Jersey) between 1670 and 1770. "Chirurgeon", Henry Boone, seems to be
related, (3 generations of Henry's) but their origin is more obscure
than Thomas or Christopher.

Anyone related to these individuals or the allied families, or who have
info on these groups are asked to contact me thru the list, or offline
at .

Priority data sought at this moment is info on Christopher Boone, born
Taunton 1615/16, died London 1686; looking for his early life, before
1655 when he is found in London. Info on Christopher 1678 - 1686, as the
Minutes of the East India Company are not found after about 1678, where
Christopher has served as a Director since 1660. Data on John Brewer,
Grocer in London, father of Mary Brewer Boone, Christopher's wife,
and/or their Brewer relations in Somerset and Wiltshire, ca. 1570-1680.

Some of what I know is on my website (NO advertising!!) but I've not had time to update it lately.

Thanks for your considerations,

> > > > > bob

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