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From: "Becky Horne" <>
Subject: Newspaper cuttings from the Eastern Cape - SHUTTLEWORTH Part II
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 00:30:24 +0200

Blast-off beginnings belong to Grahamstown Part II

Two of the boys, Brian and Jock, died tragically while in their teens but the remaining five graduated with university degrees. This was made possible by the help of the senior ones, who, as they qualified, went to work in order to earn money to assist their younger brothers. The eldest son, Dr. Stanley SHUTTLEWORTH, who was the first Ph D at Rhodes University, was later to become the director of the Leather Industries Research Institute. A distinguished scientist, his research on tanning pollution was recognised world-wide. He was elected Mayor of Grahamstown in 1971.

Stanley's daughter, Dr. Anne Shuttleworth EDWARDS, who is Mark's second cousin, is at present associate professor at Rhodes and Director of the Psychology Clinic at the university.

Mattie's second son, Ronald, was appointed to the South African Embassy in Washington DC as their scientific attaché. George became a civil engineer in Bloemfontein and Mark's grandfather, Dennis, went into law and is now retired and living in Denmark.

Lawrence, the third son, qualified as a chartered accountant and was a pilot during the Second World War. He lived in Kimberley and became mayor of that city. When Kimberley Hall residence was opened at Rhodes University in the early 1970s, Lawrence, Mayor of Kimberley, and his brother, Stanley, Mayor of Grahamstown, were distinguished guests at the opening ceremony. There is the splendid photo of the two mayors, both brothers of the grandfather of Mark SHUTTLEWORTH, resplendent in their red robes, posing with the then vice chancellor of Rhodes Dr. James HYSLOP.

Mark's father, Richard, eldest son of Dennis, went to live with Lawrence and was headboy at Christian Brothers' College in Kimberley. He is now a well-known surgeon practising in Cape Town. It was perhaps because of his close links to Lawrence who became a kind of surrogate father, that "Uncle Lawrence" was included in the family party at Kazakhstan to watch Mark blast off in the Russian Soyuz TM-3r rocket.

Mattie, who died in 1967, could indeed be proud of her five sons, now in their eighties, with Stanley now 90. They all excelled in their chosen careers. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren too seem to have inherited Mattie's talents and passion for hard work. Many of them hold top professional jobs throughout the world. But no doubt, Mark SHUTTLEWORTH is the jewel in the crown.

As the whole world watched the intrepid "Afronaut" soar into space, that extra glimmer in the firmament must surely have shone from Mattie's smile of satisfaction and pride while the wind whispered "well done".


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