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From: "Tombi Peck" <>
Subject: Fw: School photo
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 08:17:53 +0100

Please ignore my previous e-mail...I should have checked it out before forwarding's a complete hoax/joke played by a friend I am going to deal with off list!
Please accept my sincere apologies...I did think it seemed too good to be right I was!
Tombi Peck

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Subject: Fw: School photo

I am not sure whether this would help with anyone's family history research, but felt it was worth forwarding the information to you all to use or ignore as you choose!
Tombi Peck
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Subject: Fw: School photo

This is a very good site. Found a few pictures of our school photos. Someone has taken alot of time to collate these.
Good on them


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Subject: Fw: School photo

Subject: School photo

Hi all,

This is an incredible site. catch up on your old school photos. See
Love Landy.xx

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