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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Ship "Northampton" / KYMDELL
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 14:27:47 +0200
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Hi Coral,

Thanks for all the trouble you have gone to on the Nothampton, but KYMDELL
only came to SA c 1852 and not with the Settlers. I was hoping that this
ship would have stayed on the waters for 30 odd years!?:-)) Your e-mail was
nonetheless very interesting and will be of benefit to others as well,
thanks again.

Best regards,

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Dag s^e, Val:

With regard to your note, I'm hoping some of the following will be of use in
your search for your KYMDELL. However, there is no mention of him in this
book at all.

This is what I found in Morse-Jones' book: the ship "NORTHAMPTON" as having
left London in Dec 1819, arrived in Table Bay Mar 1820, Simon's Bay Mar.
1820 and then finally, Algoa Bay in 1820

Then there's a further note on the parties that sailed in the "NORTHAMPTON"
on various voyages (from what I surmize): CLARKE's (party) Divided from
MAHONEY's London party in "NORTHAMPTON". 88 persons were led by Surgeon
William CLARKE. They were located at the source of the BOTHAS RIVER, the
location being named COLLINGHAM. A subdivision of them shortly left for the
CLAY PITS on the COOMBS River. This was in 1819. (CLARKE died in 1825).

DALGAIRNS' (party): A party of 33 from London led by Charles DALGAIRNS
sailed in "NORTHAMPTON". They were located on BLAAUW KRANTZ on the left
bank of the BLAAUW KRANTZ RIVER. His daughter MARTHA DALGAIRN was married
to surgeon CHARLES WENTWORTH, She opened a school for girls @ MELKHOUT

MAHONEY'S Thomas MAHONEY organized a party in London. Before embarkation
it was divided, Surgeon William CLARKE leading 88 as a separate party. 42
led by Thomas MAHONEY sailed in "NORTHAMPTON". They were located on the
right bank of the COOMBS RIVER their location being known as THE COOMBS.
Thomas BERRINGTON was early(sic) responsible for the party, Thomas MAHONEY
being absent on building contracts. The party had dispersed by 1825, the
land then being held by Thomas MAHONEY.

PIGOT'S A party of 54 from Berkshire led by Major George PIGOT sailed in
"NORTHAMPTON". They were located on the left bank of the BLAAUW KRANTZ
RIVER the location being called PIGOT PARK.

Further: Thomas MAHONEY (an architect) est. a brewery near THE COOMBS abt.
1824. He was killed by Xhosas near his home at the outbreak of the war of
1834 - 1835.

PIGOT, SOPHIA - there is a diary (? published) in ALBANY MUSEUM

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