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Subject: PATRICK and also JEFFREY.
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 13:07:46 +0200
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Hi Norma,

I thought this bit about Benjamin PATRICK from SAG Vol. 8 p334 might
interest you and Becky.

I am going to give his children as shown in SAG as well so that you can
compare info, and at the same time, his daughter b8 Mary PATRICK married
Edmund Charles JEFFREY in whom I have an interest. I anyone has more infor
on JEFFREY, especially the founders of JEFFRIES BAY, if in fact they were
JEFFREY, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Benjamin PATRICK *Ireland c 1777 a. at Algoa Bay 15.5.1820, British Settler,
with his wife and 4 children in Sephton's party from Peterborough,
Leicester, England on board the "Aurora", settled at Salem on the south bank
of the Assegai Bosch River as a farmer and general dealer and chapman, moved
beginning 1840 to Grahamstown when he became transport rider to and from
Port Elizabeth, a licence to run a retail shop was granted to him in 1849, +
4.10.1854 [76.-] x in EnglandMary ALCOCK *c 1780 + c 1820/21 [40.-] xx
Grahamstown 4.2.1822 Mary Whitnall wid. of William MENZIES of Dover, Kent,
England + 13.9.1855 [60.-]


b1 Ann * England c 1802, lived in Portsmouth, England in 1826.

b2 Martha * England c 1806 + 8.2.1862 [56.-] x Grahamsstown 1.12.1825
William WEDDERBURN * Manchester, England c 1799 + Grahamstown 2.12.1869
[69.9.-] [s.o. Christopher WEDDERBURN and Ann NN], both # Anglican Section
of Old Cemetery, Grahamstown.

b3 Job * Leicester, England c 1809, farmer Koonap, district Winterberg,
moved to district Somerset East before 1845 and became a schoolmaster there,
+ Somerset East 18.8.1864 [55.6.-] x Fort Beaufort 23.11.1835 Esther
SARGEANT * c 1817 d.o. William SARGEANT and Mary NN. Esther xx Grahamstown
4.11.1869 William RAVENHALL. Job and Esther had 11 children.

b4 Sarah * England c 1811 + Whittlesea 3.6.1878 x Anglican Church,
Grahamstown 21.3.1831 James BARNES * April 1807 and of Burton on Trent,
England, lived in Grahamstown and later Fort Beufort, moved to the vicinity
of Kamastone Mission Station, dist. Queenstown, where they farmed *
Whitlesea 3.6.1878, both # cemetery at Whittlesea, s.o James BARNES and Mary

b5 Samuel * England c 1813 c 1813, blacksmith and farmer, dist Colesberg.


b6 Elizabeth * Salem, CP 20.3.1823 + 3.12.1890 x Wesleyan Chapel,
Grahamstown 30.3.1841 Joseph EDKINS * c 1819, carpenter and was issued with
a licence for a retail shop in 1854 + 1.12.1889 s.o. John EDKINS and Ann

b7 Susannah * Salem, CP 3.6.1824 x Wesleyan Chapel, Grahamstown 29.4.1852
Henry TRUMBLE + 16.6.1855 [43.-] # Grahamstown Cemetery xx Wesleyan Chapel,
Grahamstown 16.3.1858 William COURT.

b8 Mary * Salem 1.4.1826 x Wesleyan Chapel, Grahamstown 25.5.1845 Edmund
Charles JEFFREY * England, also appointed as a Special Justice of Pease
during 1879, lived in Cradock during 1850 and in 1853 in area of Kamastone
Mission Station, dist Queenstown.

b9 Esther * Salem 19.3.1830 [twin] + 1902, unmarried.

b10 John * Salem 19.3.1830 [twin] lived in Grahamstown and ran a tranport
business + 23.3.1882 x 29.4.1856 Eliza Georgina EEDES * 12.1.1838
+23.11.1898, both # in Grahamstown Cemetery. John and Eliza had 10

b11 Charlotte * Salem 12.12.1832 + c 1918 # Adelaide x Wesleyan Chapel,
Grahamstown 22.4.1852 William NOBLE, no children xx Salem 25.7.1867 Linsley
GREEN, wid. and of Hull, England, lived in Grahamstown, moved first to
Uitenhage and later Somerset East + Somerset East.

b12 Benjamin [Jnr] * Salem 16.7.1834, building contractor, moved to
Queenstown c 1873 and some years later to East London + East London
17.6.1906 x Wesleyan Chapel, Grahamstown Louisa MOULD * c 1840 + East London
13.4.1927, both # East London Cemetery. Benjamin and Louisa had 6 children.

Acknowledgement: Denis Herbert PATRICK [Compiler]: Settlers of 1820: The
Patrick Family in South Africa 1820 - 1972.

Best regards,

Viv Kymdell

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