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From: "WR Nelson" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] use of' living' in family publications
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 08:08:29 +1200
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There was quite a lot of discussion on this topic on the ZA-IB list last year, then Delia
Robertson set up a special list to air views and opinions. It was called
but it seems to have run its course. However,
archives may be available?? I don't know. Topics discussed were things like privacy,
copyright, charging for information, law and ethics. I have kept several of these messages
if anyone wants them.

On the subject of privacy, here's my twopence worth:
I think it is wrong for anyone to publish (especially on the web) any details at all,
including names, of living descendants. I am now sorry I supplied all the family info I
had to a person who published a book intended for family members but which has now been
scanned by someone else and all the information is available all over the place. I feel
that if my relatives who kindly gave me their details discover that this is the case, I'm
the one they will be angry with.
I also found my own name and address on the website of a person with whom I'd shared
information long before the internet was used, and he'd just gone ahead and stuck the
whole lot (without permission and without acknowledgement) on his site. I was incensed!
In New Zealand we have a big problem with "identity theft" where someone fraudulently uses
another person's name and details to obtain passports, credit etc. One of the things a
bank asks you to "verify" who you are is "what was your mother's maiden name"? Well,
that's easy enough to find on somebody's internet family tree.

So, my answer to the question "should I publish living person't info?", the answer is "of
course not". It would be highly irresponsible

Bev Nelson
Christchurch NZ

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