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From: "Tombi Peck" <>
Subject: Storming, Capture and Destruction of Fort Armstrong.
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:32:28 +0100

Hi everyone,
The following snippet from one of Sue Mackay's invaluable postings got me going this morning! It adds 'flesh' to a family story about my great great grandfather, Herbert Howard Browne.....!
If any of you have any further information regarding the 'Storming, Capture and Destruction of Fort Armstrong.....' I would be more than delighted to hear from you....I have already written to Sue Mackay off-list thanking her, once again, for her sterling work!!
We know nothing about Herbert Howard Brown at this stage of his life....I presume he must have been living in the Somerset East area as he married Maria Susanna Wilhelmina Hart, one of the granddaughters of the indominatable Robert Hart who of course farmed at 'Glen Avon' near Somerset East......

Tombi Peck.

> We the undersigned Volunteers of Somerset,
> Graaff-Reinet and Baviaan's River, belonging to the
> Command of Commandants W.D. PRINGLE and Wm. BOWKER,
> deem it due to you, on our return from the storming,
> capture and destruction of Fort Armstrong, and the
> overthrow of the Kat River Hottentots and Caffer
> Rebels, to express to you our thanks for the readiness
> with which you acceded to our request to accompany us
> in a professional capacity to attend and administer
> relief to such of our party as might fall wounded in
> the battlefield. Your ready acqiescence and presence
> were of themselves efficacious to the drawing out in
> their country's cause of many a brave man who felt
> satisfied that they would receive from you, in the
> event of casualty, every necessary medical assistance.
> We thank you again for the efficient performance of
> the duty you undertook to render, and are grateful to
> a Higher Power for the preservation of so many of our
> lives, beset as we wer on every hand by imminent
> danger on the 22nd ult.
> W.M. BOWKER, Field Commandant
> W. Cole CURRIE
> Wm. SHAW
> Herbert H. BROWNE
> Somerset, 8th March 1851

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