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From: "Becky Horne" <>
Subject: Henry Putt Bridge, Port Alfred - Part III
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 23:19:56 +0200

The Henry PUTT Bridge, Port Alfred.
by Mr. M. D. HALL

Continued from Part II.

The festivities accompanying the opening of the bridge seem to have
warranted a public holiday. Several pages of current issues of Grocotts
Penny Mail and the Grahams Town Journal were taken up with descriptions
of the event. Members of
the Port Alfred Gymnastic Club gave a polished display, ladies and
gentlemen sang and pianoforte duets were played.

The major event was the Ball which is described in minute detail in the
newspapers. We can only regret that nothing like the same celebrations
took place when the Nico Malan bridge 500 m downstream was opened in The
fate of the Henry Putt Bridge is still undecided. It is quite incapable
of carrying modem traffic but serves a very useful purpose as a
pedestrian bridge carrying up to 5 000 persons per day, thus diverting
the pedestrian traffic from the other bridge which could not accommodate
them safely. The bridge is, however, deteriorating rapidly and it has
reached a stage where a decision must be taken as to whether the bridge
is to be repaired or demolished.

Demolition of the bridge and complete removal of the piers, so that they
would not be a hazard to river traffic, would be expensive and the
probable cost of repairing the bridge is being examined. It is to be
hoped that repair of the bridge will prove
economic so that one of the most significant advances in the use of
reinforced concrete in this country will be preserved.

SOURCE: Looking Back, December 1982
Reprinted from THE CIVIL ENGINEER IN SOUTH AFRICA - January 1981.
Copy supplied by Mr H. L. Huisman

Conclusion of Henry PUTT Bridge, Port Alfred.

Best wishes

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