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Subject: RE: [ZA-EC] West Bank Cemetery - WEBB
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:01:35 +0200
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Dear Becky

These transcripts must have taken you days! Many, many thanks for so
generously sharing this information with us.

Kind regards
Debbie Nelson

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Subject: [ZA-EC] West Bank Cemetery - WEBB

West Bank Cemetery
Old Section
East London, Eastern Cape.

Plot 454
WEBB, Charles Edward, d. 5 Oct 1944, aged 78 yrs.

Plot 454
WEBB, Mary Ann, d. 8 Jun 1942, aged 85 yrs.

Plot 452
WEBB, Mary Elizabeth, d. 3 Feb 1908, aged 79 yrs.

Plot 452
WEBB, Richard, buried 28 May 1891.

Plot 1323
WEBB, William, d. 10 May 1923, aged 69 yrs. 10 mths.

Debbie Nelson
Lynn MacLeod
Leanne Starkey

Best wishes

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