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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] West Bank Cemetery - LLOYD
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 14:01:25 +0100 (BST)
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Becky, as you know my LLoyds are not on any of the Web
lists, for LLoyds, why I do not I've sent it
2 Henry's came out, Henry James, not my line,
and Henry LLwellyn...defiant son of Sir Henry Lloyd,
with a load of titles, mentioned in most of peerage
lists.He was a rebel, and became anti British.His
wife Alicia Mary's cousin was Lord Packenham, who
wrote extensively on the ABW, totally pro South
African boers.
He and Alicia MARY DE vISME WHITTLE, lived on the
Azores, where at a young age, he was a temp.
Governor., mostly due to his father and Uncle's
positions (Edward LLoyd --Lloyd's of London, fame)
Sir Henry affluent wife-connected Earl of Upton.
Some of their children were born on the Isle of
Michael...But, James Philip was born in south Africa,
and he married Mary Anne Hayward, she is the Mary Ann
you found ,I am sure...born about 1825...died ?
their children were James Philip x Eliza Mary van
Maggie ?
Alicia ?
Sameul Whittiam.
It is one of the FG that I have been unbale to put
together properly.The Probate records are also not too
I have to look into the Haywards when have more
time.and can only then give you more details.
thanx, Isebelle.

Isebelle E Krauss *Lloyd.
011 954 6666
082 851 5648

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