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From: Russell <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Descendants of Gertrude and John Riddle
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 11:32:38 -0700
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Dear Les

One method would be to ask a kindly researcher to look up those Death Notice
references that I sent you off-list. Some are in the Transvaal Archives
(TAB) and some are in the Cape Town Archives (KAB). These will list the
deceased person's children, most of whom should still be living.

Once you have the names you could do a search through the online White Pages
for South Africa and try to contact them by phone. Hopefully at the end of
all this you'll find some living descendants actually living in the Eastern
Cape! I suspect you'll end up finding them scattered to the four corners of
the globe.

I'll also send you the tree with the descendants of Lydford TROLLIP which
contains living descendants, and maybe you'll have some luck there.
Unfortunateley I have not been in contact with any of these folk. I'll also
send you the email address of a TROLLIP relative who farms near Bedford, and
he may be able to help.



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Subject: [ZA-EC] Descendants of Gertrude and John Riddle

> Hi Listeners,
> Thank you all for helping me out with the missing son (
> William James Hunter riddle ) as I am in the middle of planning a trip to
> the Eastern cape, around August this year, I would very much like to
> contact some living descendants of Gertrude and John Riddle, how would I
> go about this? I would appreciate any help.
> Regards Les Dixon.

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