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From: Sue Mackay <>
Subject: Settler Correspondence - Wm. CHESHIRE re GARDNER's Party
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 07:57:58 +0100 (BST)

Transcribed by Lynn McLeod from CO48/42 at the
National Archives in Kew, London

Birmingham Workhouse
Sept, 6th, 1819

My Lord,
By desire of the Birmingham Overseers, I have the
honor to inclose you a list of persons who wish to
avail themselves of the offers of Government
respecting the Colonization of the Cape of Good Hope,
and, after promising that the required deposit will be
paid for the whole in the name of Edward GARDNER,
allow me to request, on behalf of the proposed
Emigrants, that your Lordship will have the goodnefs
to order that a reply to this communication may be
transmitted to me as early as convenient, stating that
these Applicants will be accepted, and if so, the time
and place when and where they should afsemble, ----
with any other information which may appear to your
Lordship as necefsary.
I have the honor to be,
Your Lordships’
most obedient,
humble, servant

Name, Age, Wife’s Age, Children, Trade, Remarks
Isaac DUGMORE, 34, 36, 5 under 10 years, Clerk
Edward GARDNER, 31, 31, 4 – B8, G5, B5, G1 (Boy 8yrs,
Girl 5yrs, Boy 5yrs, Girl 1yr) Plater (Been in the
William ABBOTT, 39, File Maker
Abraham BEAZELEY, 24, Hinge Maker
Thomas GRIFFITH, 42, Brafs Founder
Josiah HANYARD, 28, 26, Plater
John DUDLEY, 37, 23, G8yrs, G8m, Tool Maker & Sinkers
(Been in Portugal)
John WRIGHT, 22, Single, Coach Painter
James TILTEN, 22, Single, Coach Painter
Robert MARLE, 32, 26, Coach Maker
John HARTELL, 56, 40, 4 – B13, G9, B2, B9mth, Farmer
Thomas WARD, 36, 28, 7 under 14 years, Farmer

[Interesting that Nash does not have GARDNER’s
youngest daughter listed – perhaps she died before
they sailed?]

Birmingham Workhouse
Nov, 3rd, 1819

The party under the direction of Edward GARDNER
feeling considerable anxiety owing to some of their
number not being enabled to fulfil their intention of
proceeding forthwith to the Cape of Good Hope, I have
ventured to afsure them, that they might
confidentially rely on the liberty of Government,
particularly as they have sold the little all they
pofsefs to enable them to emigrate which would prove
their ruin if prevented from going.

Nine of them have this Day forwarded their deposit of
One Hundred Pounds as specified at foot, and they
await your instructions when and where they are to
afsemble . – An early reply would a favour stating, as
their number is not equal to that first proposed,
whether there would be any objection to a few others
accompanying them if proper persons, & provided they
could pay their deposit money.
Sir, your most obedient,
Humble servant,

Edward GARNDER, wife & 3 children12.10
Isaac DUGMORE, wife & 5 children17.10
John DUDLEY, wife & 2 children10.00
John WRIGHT 10.00
Wm. SEAL10.00
Abraham BEESLEY10.00
? DUDLEY10.00
Benjamin BAYLISS10.00
Wm. ABBOTT10.00
Remitted through the Bank of Smith & Gibbins & Co. to
Wm. Hill Esq. Commifsionarial Treasurer, London

Workhouse Birmingham
Nov, 13, 1819

By desire of Edward GARDNER, and in compliance with
your Letter of the 10th inst., I subjoin the omitted
particulars respecting Benjm. BAYLISS and as no
further alteration will now be made to Edward GARDNERS
list, he earnestly requests you will have the goodnefs
to notify to him the place of embarkation, as he
wishes to rejoin thither, with his Party, immediately,
and if you could mention the probable time also, it
would particularly oblige.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient servant

Benjamin BAYLISS is a single man aged 24 years – a
Coach Harnefs Bucklemaker and has paid his Ten Pounds
Deposit some time since.

Birmingham Workhouse
Nov, 25th, 1819

Since my respects of the 19th inst., I have not had
the pleasure of hearing from you, -- and apprehension
lest some communication may have been mislaid or got
into an irregular channel, I yield to the strong
importunity of Edward GARDNER & his Party by giving
you this trouble & respectfully refer you to the
Annexed copy of my of my said letter, trusting you
will have the goodnefs to excuse my giving you so much

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