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Subject: Newspaper cuttings from the Eastern Cape - BUTLION
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 12:27:26 +0200

Algoa Sun, 17 March 2005
Dave Butlion - big heart, big sixes

As a hard-hitting batsman he had no equal; and he applied this same grit
and determination to business, where he was
extremely successful. So it was sad to hear that Old Grey [Port
Elizabeth] Dave BUTLION had died in Cape Town last week. Dave's exploits
at the crease are legendary and for many years he held the record of six
consecutive sixes in the annual Old Grey Six-a-Side tournament.

"1 was shocked to hear of his death," said master batsman Graeme
POLLOCK. "Dave was a more than useful cricketer,
particularly in the shortened version of the game," said POLLOCK.

Stories about BUTLION abound. There was an occasion when Old Grey met
Grey School, and Old Grey didn't make many runs, much to the annoyance
of skipper Geoff DAKIN. With the new ball in hand, he and fast bowler
Peter POLLOCK walked into the Grey dressing room where DAKIN told the
assembled pupils: "You see this ball? Take a good look, because it's the
last time you'll see it today." He tossed the ball to POLLOCK and said:
"Kill 'em Pooch."

Former Evening Post sports journalist Bob FORD admitted that he was
shaking in his boots when he went out to open the innings. POLLOCK
bowled at his fiery fastest and wickets fell regularly, until BUTLION
came in. The first ball from POLLOCK was a bouncer which BUTLION hooked,
got a thick top edge and the ball flew over the trees and into College
Drive. He went on to register a useful score displaying his courage and
determination against the odds.

A few seasons later, Old Grey played Union at Kemsley Park, and the game
was set for an exciting finish with Old Grey needing 70 to win in 25
minutes. BUTLION opened the innings and I remember Tony "Worm" WARD's
first ball disappearing over the squash courts. That was the start of
the carnage and Old Grey won with 10 minutes to spare.

One of the funniest instances I can recall took place in a match at Grey
School coach, the late Tom DEAN, owned a scruffy looking black Irish
terrier he called Aloitious. A Grey parent's fancy poodle somehow
escaped from her car and ran on to the field. Tom's terrier couldn't
believe his luck or his eyes, and did what any self-respecting hound
would do. BUTLION was fielding close to the action and ended up rolling
on the ground in mirth as Aloitious had his way much to the ignation of
the poodle's owner. She set about Tom's terrier with an umbrella; but at
this stage Aloitious' smile was as wide as the smiles on the faces of
players and spectators alike.

Brian "Porky" CONNOR, who played with BUTLION, also recalled some funny
moments. "BUTLION didn't like short pitched bowling and one day in the
nets Tom DEAN instructed the fast bowlers to bowl bouncers at him. After
being struck in the ribs several times, BUTLION threw down his bat and
stormed out the nets in disgust. "But Big Tom shook his fist in
BUTLION's face and told him he would have to get past him if he wanted
to leave the nets. "BUTLION said later that the fist was so big, he
couldn't see around it. So he carried on batting - he simply had no
option," said CONNOR.

Probably the only time he was intimidated was when he arrived at a net
practice at Old Grey, where a large black bowler was really sending them
down, watched by Peter POLLOCK. BUTLION was padded up and ready to bat.
"Whose the big black guy?" asked BUTLION. "Oh," said fellow player lan
BARCLAY, "that's Wes HALL (former West Indies fast bowler), in transit
from Barbados to England." BUTLION paled, took off his pads, got into
his car and left the ground.

Once, BUTLION almost started a war at the Westview club. A Westview
runner kept stealing ground while backing up. BUTLION told Nigel DUTTON
to run the batsman out, which he did, and the teams almost came to blows
later in the clubhouse.

Bullion was national sales manager of GM in the UK and returned to SA
seven years ago.

Best wishes

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