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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Settler Correspondence - Christopher IRWIN et al
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:20:40 +1000
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Hi Tombi,
We seem to have a couple of names in common. Besides the HEWSON my husbands
paternal/maternal I now see that IRWIN is another name you have in your
family tree. My husbands maternal grandmother was a Louise Irwin. They too
went to New Zealand. Do you have any info on a New Zealand branch.
Lynette from OZ
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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Settler Correspondence - Christopher IRWIN et al

>I didn't know any Irish Irwins had gone to the Cape!!!!!
> You may have started me off on a whole new branch of my Irwin family!!!
> They were an adventurous the 1700's one of my Irwin Ancestors
> (yes, a direct ancestor) had a sugar plantation on St Vincent's in the
> Caribbean....I have a copy of his will....he took as much trouble leaving
> his mules to people as he did with his slaves. I must admit to having
> cringed to find a slave-owning ancestor...this was slightly
> counter-balancedby the freeing of a slave at the Cape by another ancestor,
> Alexander Kidwell....he paid seven guineas for her....the receipt was in a
> museum somewhere in the Eastern great aunt, Mayna, saw it on a
> visit....Unfortunately she did not record which museum it was stored
> in...she just said 1820 Settler Musuem which may, of course, be the Albany
> in Grahamstown!
> My thanks, as usual.
> Groete,
> Tombi Peck
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> Subject: [ZA-EC] Settler Correspondence - Christopher IRWIN et al
>> Transcribed from CO48/44 at the National Archives in
>> Kew, London
>> 104
>> Dublin
>> Sept 7th 1819
>> The humble petition of Christopher IRWIN, Andrew
>> Humbly sheweth
>> That through the Badness of the Times and want of work
>> hearing that there is a Colony gowing to be formed in
>> the Cape of Good Hope your petitioners wood wish to
>> get the Liberty of gowing with their families out
>> there as they wood wish to earn bread for them and it
>> is not now in their Power for want of work. One of
>> your petitioners serv'd His Majesty for thirteen years
>> and wood serve him tomorow if called up again in the
>> Navy, that is Andrew MERNAGH is a Carpenter by trade.
>> Your petitioner Christopher IRWIN served with the Navy
>> and is a Carpenter. And the other that has served His
>> Majesty as before stated Thomas FITSIMMONS is a sawyer
>> by trade. Patrick ANCHOR is a turner by trade and wood
>> wish to go to. Your Lordship having the goodness to
>> grant the prayers of these ?? petitioners your
>> petitioners are in duty bound to pray
>> Christ. IRWIN
>> Andrew MERNAGH
>> Patrick ANCHOR
>> Your Lordship will have the goodness to direct your
>> answer to Christopher IRWIN at
>> No.7 Bonham Street
>> 155 Church Street
>> Dublin
>> 105
>> Hoping your Lordship will excuse the ignorance of your
>> petitioners and set them right in the way to take the
>> opportunity that now offers. Your Lordship's
>> petitioners will ever pray for your health and
>> welfare. Your Lordship will be pleased to send
>> instructions in what marner we are [to] conform our
>> selves sou that we may succeed in our application.
>> We remain your Lordship's humble servant
>> Christ. IRWIN 155 Church St
>> Andrew MERNAGH
>> Patrick ANCHOR
>> 116
>> Dublin
>> Sept 29th 1819
>> My Lord,
>> I had the honour of your letter of the 13th relative
>> to my application of gowing to the Cape of Good Hope.
>> Your Lordship refers me to a circular letter which
>> states the condisions under which assistance can be
>> granted to individuals. I request that your Lordship
>> will be so good as to send me one of the letters that
>> your Lordship refers to as I can gain no information
>> in what manor to proceed and their is number of
>> Persons in the same predicament as myself. Their are
>> many men that would be willing and anxious to go with
>> me if your Lordship will be sou good as to allow us on
>> the Book of the settlers. I will mention their names &
>> occupations in case your Lordship will grant the
>> [obscured] of our petition and your Lordship's
>> petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray
>> Christpher IRWIN, Cabinet Maker & Carpenter, wife &
>> two sons
>> 155 Church Street
>> Thomas FITSIMMONS, Sawyer, no family
>> Andrew MERNAGH, Sayer, a wife and four children all
>> grown up
>> Patrick ANCHOR, turner, a wife
>> Thomas CONNELL, Labourer, no family
>> Robert SAUNDERS, Cabinet Maker, a wife
>> Thomas SCOTT, no family
>> Thomas BYRNE, no family
>> Henry MOONEY, no family
>> and their is number that I have not inserted their
>> names
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