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From: Sue Mackay <>
Subject: Settler Correspondence - John HAWKINS
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 22:43:35 +0100 (BST)

Transcribed by Paxie Kelsey from CO48/43 at the
National Archives in Kew, London

[Transcriber's note: it is not clear from his
signature in these letters whether his initials are
J.W. or J.M., but the address proves that this is the
John HAWKINS of the Hardwick Society who was the
original leader of COCK's Party until his arrest for
debt. According to Nash the "small remuneration for
trouble given" sent to GOULBURN was a bribe of £20,
immediately returned]

26th July 1819
It being in contemplation of Government to assign a
certain quantity of Land at the Cape of Good Hope to
any person that should be approved of and who has the
means of taken out a given number of Families under
the conditions that will be given by the Earl of
Bathurst I therefore beg his Lordship will allow me to
take out 20 Families and likewise my Friend Mr FOX 20
Families should his Lordship on our examination
approve of us as being fit persons for that purpose.
Your answer stating the particulars will oblige Sir
Your Most Obedient Humble Servt

August 1st 1819
Pardon me for thus intruding in your time by attending
as early as you can to the following questions Viz: I
have for sale 90 acres of Land and a Mill for which I
have a Purchaser and with whom I shall close a Bargain
provided his Lordship accepts of me to go to the Cape
- a Non acceptance will prevent an immediate sale.
Consequently your obtaining his Lordship's
determination on this important question will give me
/ if accepted / time to settle this business and make
my other requisite arrangements - I have likewise to
beg his Lordship will allow my Brother to take out 20
Families he has as well as myself been always in this
Agricultural line. Our ages and Families are as
follows. I am 31 years of Age and have 5 Children my
Brother is 28 years of Age and [h]as a Wife and three
Children a younger Brother Aged 21 years will
accompany us as likewise a Brother in law Aged 27 and
a Sister Aged 22 with 2 Children and Mr FOX Aged 31
years. We have made our Calculation as to Capital
required and shall make up our number of Sixty
Families Select those whose Ages does not exceed ours
and those that [h]as been used to Farming work with a
sufficient number of Mechanic's for that purpose. We
likewise wish to know - whether Government provides
any Agricultural Implements and whether we shall be
allowed to take those Implements and seeds we select
and lastly to what part of the Cape are we to go. Your
early attendance to this will very much Oblige Sir
Your Most Ob'dt Humble Serv'nt

Yours of the 28th July came safe to hand

12th Aug 1819
I am sorry I should again trouble you respecting your
accepting me but having arrangements to make that will
take some little time viz the selling of some Land the
particulars of which I named in my last is the only
cause of my whishing to know as early a period as
possible the time of paying in the deposit as my
arrangements will be made accordingly,
I remain Sir, Your Most Obdt Humble Servt.

Aug 23rd 1819
The great desire I have for obtaining a Grant of Land
in the Cape with the immediate settlement of some
affairs provided that should take place is the cause
of my thus troubling you. You were kind enough to say
in answer to a previous letter of mine that the
particulars of a former letter should be answered as
soon as his Lordship had determined - some time [h]as
elapsed and there may yet be some time in hand before
his Lordship does determine. I therefore beg you will
favour me with your private opinion on the subject
before stated the most material of which is obtaining
the Grant the which with any of the information you
can give me will greatly oblige Sir
Your Most Ob'nt Humble Ser'vt

The inclosed you will please to accept being a small
remuneration for the trouble given you. In answer to
this Please to address to be left 58 Belvidere Place,
Great Suffolk Street, Boro

Aug'st 24th 1819
I am truly sorry for what I did yesterday, and most
humbly and fervently beg your pardon - It was from
ignorance to the extreme and not ment or intended to
convict myself nor give offence or injury to you in
any shape whatever neither was it intended as a
premium for the Land but merely for your opinion -
which offence not intended. I hope to be forgiven and
further beg on account of the number whom had joined
with me and who knew nothing of my acting so
inconsistently that you will look over the offence and
accept us in the number to go to the Cape of Good Hope
From Sir Your Most Obedient Humble Servant

7 Oct 1819
My Lord,
In compilyance with the instruction received from your
Lordship's office of the 30th September, I have
returned the three lists filled up agreeable with the
different heads contained in the said Lists. My
selection of them I trust will be satisfactory to your
Lordship, being principally labourers, except a few
mechanics, which are indispensible, all strong,
healthy young men, having taken the greatest care in
making my selection - As I shall wait in Town till I
receive your Lordship's further instructions, be
pleased to address me at the Golden Cross, Charing
Cross, London.
I am My Lord
Your Lordship's Most Obedient Very Humble Servant

12 Nov 1819
My Lord,
Having learnt at your Lordship's office Downing Street
that I am with my party to embark at Portsmouth for
the Cape of Good Hope and having mentioned at the Navy
Office that it will be allowed with no inconvenience
on their part for me to embark here provided it meets
your Lordship's approbation. Should your Lordship
therefore please to report to the Navy Office that my
Embarkation may take place at Deptford it will save me
the expense of taking 60 Tons Luggage from London to
Portsmouth together with the expense of taking several
families which I think your Lordship will take into
your consideration and make the order accordingly.
I am My Lord Your Lordship's Most Obedient Humble

My Lord
Permit me to inform your Lordship that in consequence
of not been able to get the purchase money of an
Estate which I have sold for 4350£ in time to go out
with my party I therefore by your Lordship’s will
allow my brother to accompany them in my behalf until
I shall be able to join them he can command a
sufficient capital for that purpose till I join which
will be in at farthest 2 months. He is now in London
from Birmingham and would have accompanyed me as
likewise with four other brothers whose capital
altogether will amount to 4000 and upwards.
from My Lord
Your Lordship's Most Ob'dt Humble Servt

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