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From: Sue Mackay <>
Subject: Settler Correspondence - A.W.H. LeNEVE
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 18:28:58 +0100 (BST)

Transcribed from CO48/44 at the National Archives at
Kew, London

LeNEVE, A.W.H. (filed under N)

24th July 1819
My Lord,
In consequence of having seen in the public prints
that His majesty’s Government are about to establish a
new colony at the Cape of Good Hope, I wrote to My
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to know if their
Lordships would grant me leave to proceed to the Cape
as a settler and allow me to retain my half pay as a
Purser in the Royal Navy, in return to which their
Lordships have been pleased to acquiesce.
I have therefore humbly to request your Lordship will
be pleased to cause me to be furnished with such
information & directions on the subject of the new
colony at the Cape of Good Hope as your Lordship may
deem necessary, providing your Lordship considers me
eligible. It may not be improper to observe to your
Lordship that (with the exception of the several years
I was at sea) I have been brought up in the
agricultural branch.
I have the honor to be my Lord with the highest
Your Lordship’s most obedient humble servant
Purser, Royal Navy

Bexley near Dartford
1st Sept 1819
I have received your communication of the 28th July
containing the conditions under which it is proposed
to give encouragement to emigration to the Cape of
Good Hope, and I have now to request you will be
pleased to acquaint me when it will be necessary to
transmit to the Secretary of State’s office a list of
the names of those individuals wishing to accompany me
(as a settler) to that colony, and you will much
oblige Sir
Your obedient humble servant
Purser, Royal Navy

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