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Hello Grant and Tessa,

May I butt in here?

1820 Settler John GREEN Jnr. (b.23 Dec 1813 in Walmer, Kent, England, d. 5
Feb 1882 in Alice) married Margaret KIRKMAN (b. abt. March 1817 in
Lancashire, England, d. 14 Sep 1883 in Enterprise, Morgan, Utah, USA) on 22
Dec 1835 in St. George's Cathedral, Grahamstown.

In March 1863 Margaret (Kirkman) GREEN, having adopted the Mormon faith,
emigrated to America with seven of her surviving children (James Kirkman
GREEN, George William GREEN, John GREEN, Margaret Matilda GREEN, Hannah
Martha GREEN, Henry Benjamin GREEN and Joseph Brigham GREEN). They sailed in
the "Henry Ellis" (documented on p.762 of Esme Bull's "Aided Immigration"),
and crossed the prairies to Utah in a covered wagon train, (just like in the
movies!) That wagon trek was recorded day by day by at least two separate
diarists. Margaret's descendants are pretty well documented in the LDS

The only child to remain in this country was Mary Ann GREEN, probably on
account of having married John ROBERTSON a week before the departure of her
mother and siblings. She lived in Alice, where her father died almost 20
years after
his family's departure, after spending a good portion of his life in the Kat
River Valley. Whether or not John ever had an intention of joining his
family in Utah at a later date, is a matter of conjecture. I have found no
evidence to suggest that he ever left these shores, and I am led to the
conclusion that John and Margaret may have come to a parting of their ways
when she left for Salt Lake City.

There is a "Green" burial plot in Enterprise, Utah, where Margaret and some
of her offspring are interred. Have images; willing to share with
interested listers.

Hope this contributes in some way?

Regards - Peter

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Hi Tessa,

Looking at the website again ­ I think I got it wrong: Ann Rowney died in
1865 in Grahamstown, the same year she made the statement. Her son John
emigrated to Utah with his wife Margaret Kirkman. The site states that their
son George William emigrated in 1863, presumably with his parents. Strangely
enough It seems that John died in Alice in 1883, and margaret in Utah in
1183. Ws he visiting? Or did he go to America at all, only George William
and the mother??.

I would love to know what they refer to as the ³Green Family Organization
(1974)² and the ³John Green Family Record Book². And who is Ann Williams:

Anns [sic] sketch was brought here by the wife's distant cousin Joice
Williams and her husband and Joice's mother, if I remember right Joice's
mother and Etha's father were about 2nd or 3rd cousins, they came [here] in
the early 1970s,im [sic] not sure of the date, [sic] It is material I dident
[sic] know we had. Joice and her Husb. Sidney Williams are from S-Africa.

Great stuff.

You can follow the website:
Family History Stories/John Family History


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