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Subject: [ZA-EC] Newspaper cuttings from the Eastern Cape - Ferreira rebelforce
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 13:01:03 +0200

Hi Folks

Please join me in welcoming Richard Hackney to the List. Hope you going
to be very happy with us. Here is a snippet of news from an Eastern Cape
Newspaper, which I hope makes you feel right at home.

Herald, 17 November 2006
100 Years Ago by Ivor Markman
A selection of interesting century-old snippets from The Herald of
News from week ending November 17, 1906.
Ferreira rebel force kidnaps corporal

A corporal named Skipper has been taken prisoner at Abiquasaar by a
Transvaler named FERREIRA and five other Transvalers. They have also
taken his horse, revolver, and all the horses at Abiquasaar.

Subsequent details show that FERREIRA, with whom are associated other
Transvalers named DUPLOY [sic], ROTHMAN, POTGIETER, VANVEUREN [sic] and
RETIEF, crossed from German South West Africa, where he has been
employed by the Germans. On the 7th instant he surprised Abiam Camp,
wounding Privates COX and BELLEW and taking arms and ammunition from the

It appears that FERREIRA has increased his force to some extent. They
are making for the direction of Zwart Modder, forcing all the Boers to
join them. They state a rising in the Transvaal has been arranged for
November. It is considered that a large force will be required to
intercept them. FERREIRA is said to be shooting all the prisoners
dressed in khaki.

A gentleman named BOTHA called at the magistrate's office, Upington, on
Friday morning and stated that he had been in German employ and had
crossed into Upington district on 5th November at Vanrooisvlei. Whilst
under the Germans, FERREIRA ordered BOTHA to join FERREIRA's corps, but
he refused. FERREIRA was at the time in German employ, being at the head
of a body consisting of six Boers and 25 natives.

According to Skipper, who was taken prisoner at Abiquasaar, there are
about 10 Boers in the band, all well armed and dressed in German
uniform. Inspector WHITE left with 15 men to intercept the Boers, but in
view of the necessity for prompt action, the enrolment of 25 Micawbers,
late Border Scouts, under ex-Corporal SIEPKER, has been authorised. This
force will join Inspector WHITE, the necessary horses and equipment
having been requisitioned from local residents.

REUTERS Agency further learns that Government, whilst naturally taking
every measure to suppress the outbreak, does not view it at present in
the light of serious rebellion, and is having the assistance of the
leaders of the Dutch community in Cape Town, who are advising their
people to support Government's action in every possible way. It is
believed the measures taken will prevent people from joining FERREIRA's
freebooting gang.

Colonel LUKIN, with 150 men of the Cape Mounted Rifles and Cape Police,
has been ordered to proceed to Prieska immediately.
REUTERS correspondent at Kenhardt wires that the Resident Magistrate
ordered all licensed dealers in ammunition to hand over their stocks of
rifles, ammunition, etc., to the authorities without any reason being

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