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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 22:12:58 -0600
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Hi David,

Here's what I have on MONTILE:

LDS Microfilm #1259173
Natal Marriages
Item 2
Entry #5838
Husband: P. K. C. MONTILE
Wife: Laura HERISSON
Date: 12/1/1888

LDS Microfilm #1795040
Natal Marriages
Item 1
Entry #477
Husband: Louis Jules Bellanquet LOUSTEAU
Wife: Marie Marguerite MONTILE
Date: 12/25/1905 or 2/25/1905 (Item 9) (not sure which is correct)

LDS Microfilm #1795576
Natal Marriages
Item 5
Entry #2535
Husband: Charles Rene ELMIRA
Wife: Jeannie Lucie MONTILE
Date: 12/20/1917

LDS Microfilm #1795778
Natal Marriages
Item 2
Entry #1223
Husband: Eugine Francois Joseph RAULT
Wife: Isabelle Blanche MONTILE
Date: 12/11/1918

LDS Microfilm #1796447
Natal Marriages
Item 12
Entry #1437
Husband: Maurice Bertrand SENEGUE
Wife: Christina MONTILE
Date: 6/7/1922

LDS Microfilm #1796448
Natal Marriages
Item 18
Entry #1023
Husband: Louis Anatole Daniel HERISSON
Wife: Marie Therese MONTILE
Date: 10/10/1923

Ellen Stanton

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Subject: [ZA-EC] GLASS-STANILAND and others

>I am looking for information on the GLASS and STANILAND families, both of
>whom lived in the Eastern
> Cape and Natal. The Glass family I am looking for were of the eastern
> cape and believe that they may
> be linked to one of the 1820 settlers.
> I am looking for the parents of Edward Lancelot GLASS, who was born in
> Alice, I am not too sure of
> the year of his birth, but believe it could have been 1890. He was
> married Eda Mary STANILAND who
> was the eldest child of Frank STANILAND and Frances Stafford NEDEN.
> Frank Staniland was born on the 28 Jan 1860 and died in Durban 26 Feb
> 1926, his wife Frances
> Stafford NEDEN was the daughter of Joseph and Ann NEDEN, she was born 20
> Jan 1868 and died 9 Dec
> 1963 in Durban,she together with her parents arrived in Natal in 1880.
> Does anyone have anything on these families?
> I am also looking for and researching the the Wanless, Calder, Bennett,
> Forrest Montile and Trembath
> families, mostly of Natal.
> Thank you
> Dave Wanless

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