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From: "Jackie Lock" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Mayors of Alice
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 17:37:40 +0200

Hi Lynn,

a. I saw your message about Bloemfontein past mayors and wondered if
you knew of a website for Alice that I could contact via email for list of
past mayors.

My father-in-law said his father was mayor of Alice and that his grandfather
was one too in 1903. His father was Percy Edward Arthur Richard Lock.

I also have in my possession a cup which was recently handed down to our son
(all of 3 years old) to keep for his son. Tradition has it that as each son
has a son, it gets passed down, but should the son have a daughter, it does
not get handed down (wonder who would get it?)

It is engraved with the following:

"Presented to Capt E LOCK by the Officers NCO's and Members of VEM Troops as
a token of their Esteem, Alice 25 Jan 02" (1902)

b. Who would NCO's and VEM be?

Regards Jackie

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