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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] CO 48-63 (1824 Correspondence re Distressed Settlers)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 08:52:38 +0200
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Chuckle, Chuckle....I KNEW I would get a response.
And you fell for it Keith, hook, line and sinker - what a sweetiepie!
[I hope you enjoyed the banter Richard].

>From the transcribe point of view, the volunteers spend hours and hours
screwing up their eyes to read that illegible handwriting - forgetting about
cleaning up the house and supper for hubby and kids. We just don't say thank
you often enough. Ja - I know - some list owners [or administrators], which
ever you prefer - don't allow the "magic word" - but here on EC it is
allowed, as long as you add something more than "thank you". Patricia is so
good at this!

Getting back to Reverend John PHILIP - a man of the cloth should set an
example. I wonder what brownie points he was trying to obtain - what an
idiot! [Would love to say something else, but this is a "family show"].

Ah, and now the good old days....can I retract this statement? When rugby
was rugby, riding on a steam train and getting a piece of coal in your eye,
when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia and terrorist was an unknown word? But today is
good as well. Just being a member of EC and meeting such interesting folk
that make every day special who feed my memory bank.

Thanks once again for responding Keith - you are such a special
knowledgeable person who I'm so proud to share my cyberspace with.

Best wishes [still chuckling!!!]
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