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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Newspaper cuttings from the Eastern Cape -Wolfram'sBioscope and Aerophone
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 02:05:01 +1100
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Thanks for the Welcome Becky!

I still have some unsolved problems in parts of South Africa so hope to
resurrect the details and get them posted.
I also try to help others who have queries on the West Penwith Genealogy
Board regarding relatives who were in Africa at some time.

Unfortunately - I may not be involved much for a while as my ISP is closing
down and I have to find a new provider.

My current ISP is via satellite and any new provider to Chiltern will be
requiring a landline connection which I do not currently have.

I am looking into the situation and hope to have something organised very

Thanks again for the welcome and also for the recent reply to help out Tony.

Best Wishes All,

Ian Trewhella (way down South in Victoria, Australia)
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Subject: [ZA-EC] Newspaper cuttings from the Eastern Cape -
Wolfram'sBioscope and Aerophone

> Hi Folks
> Please join me in welcoming Ian J Trewhella to the List. Hope you going to
> be very happy with us. Here is a snippet of news from an Eastern Cape
> Newspaper, which I hope makes you feel right at home.
> Herald, 15 February 2008
> 100 Years Ago by Ivor Markman
> A selection of interesting century-old snippets from The Herald of
> yesteryear. News from week ending February 15, 1908.
> Introducing Wolfram's Bioscope and Aerophone
> Mr. WOLFRAM has returned from Europe and will give his first exhibition at
> the Opera House on Tuesday and Wednesday next. He has brought with him
> the latest and best living pictures obtainable, and a new invention for
> the
> reproduction of songs and instrumental pieces by compressed air:
> The "Aerophone" differs from other instruments in having a sound box
> containing a valve through which compressed air is forced by an
> air pump in larger or smaller quantities, according to the varying
> depressions on the record. It is claimed for the new machine that with
> good
> records the songs reproduced are louder than originally sung by the
> artistes.
> Songs and instrumental selections by Ben DAVIS, Charles TREE, Bantock
> PIERPOINT, Amy EVANS, Alfred HEATHER and the band of HM Scot's
> Guard will be rendered during intervals. The pictures, which are all new,
> include those of the War in Morocco secured by the authorised
> cinematographer accompanying the French troops, the flight of the
> "Farman" Aeroplane, which won the Deutsch Prize for flying machines
> last month, the wreck of HMS Montagu in a storm, an exciting motor
> boat race, beautifully coloured subjects, sensational and humorous scenes.
> The prices of admission are, as usual, moderate, and seats may be booked
> in
> advance at the "Advertiser" Office.
> (February 10, 1908)
> Best wishes
> Becky
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