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From: patfryk <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Symbols
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 09:27:57 +1200
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I have never been able to follow that system, Tombi. I have a couple of
newly researched ancestors who went before the a. I asked once should they
be in reverse like a+ or a minus.
I transpose this kind of info into either a drop down chart which is
instantly visible and traceable but gets clumsy and big, or a descendent
tree because you can then add those who went before without muddling (to use
an acceptable word) up the system.
I don't know of others except Heese and Co who use this. Did he invent it?Is
it customary in Europe? Or only in SAfrica?
I can see the point of X for marriage or = because it is a symbol and not
abbreviation therefore comprehensible in any language. But it would have to
be a universal global system.
It's the a, b, c, d which I have to keep referring to in the notes.Takes

From: "Tombi Peck" <>
> Hi,
> The South African symbols are so odd....why have a + for a
> death!!............
> Surely it would have been more logical to have a + for a birth and a -
for a
> death....who decided on these symbols?!!!!
> How long has this system been in place...

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