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From: "Ray Forsberg" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] website is back up and running!
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 09:56:13 +1000
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Hi Paul,

I have a PAF file of the Wild Family, which I took mostly from the
descendency list you sent me some time back, but which I have changed and
added to as up-to-date info has come in. Should I send this to you - I know
that it can be converted to a GEDCOM file, but am not sure how.


Carol Forsberg

On 9/22/08, Eighteen-Twenty Settlers <> wrote:
> Hi Listers,
> After a couple of weeks of late nights after work, and some rainy weather,
> I have managed to get the 1820 Settlers website back and operational to
> about 90% of what is was before it got hacked. I will carry on adding the
> 'missing' data and updating as I go - some of it goes back 5 years. I have
> installed the latest versions of the software, which should have a better
> security than I had previously used, and in some cases changed to a better
> application, and given the website a bit of a new look! There may still be
> a few issues that I have not completely resolved. and if you find any,
> please let me know. Thanks.
> The Picture Gallery is now using different software, and I am looking for
> some help in fully identifying the photos of the Settlers ( I have two of
> Ann Shaw - are they the same person?). Any corrections and new photos
> gratefully received.
> The Settler Genealogies contain just my master tree at the moment, and I do
> know that I have some links wrong in various places. I am trying to sort
> them out as I go, and will be asking for help ;-) . Currently my Master
> tree accounts for just over 1600 of the original 3800+ Settlers that arrived
> in 1820 - just shows how they all inter-married over a few generations! I
> will be adding the other submitted gedcoms back into the set of genealogies
> in the next couple of weeks. I am also tagging latitude and longitude to
> some of the place names, as I now have a link to Google Maps, to show the
> exact locations. see Miles Bowker info, for an example. So, if you can
> give me latitude and longitude of places - it'll help!
> I hope you enjoy the new
> regards
> --
> Paul Tanner-Tremaine
> Hampshire, England
> email :
> website :
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