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Hi Paxie

William John HARTLEY's first wife was Sarah GREEN.

Mary Anna HARTLEY was William John HARTLEY's daughter with his third
wife, Mary CAWOOD.

Altogether, I have William John HARTLEY having 16 children - 3 with his
first wife Sarah, 2 with his second wife Hannah and 11 with his third
wife Mary.


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Howzit Becky,
Just a word in here on William John and his marriages.
He was 24 odd when he arrived at the Cape.
Without confirmed sources and only the HARTLEY gedcom to go by, I have
he married Hannah BAKER and Mary CAWOOD as below but the Sarah was not a

CAWOOD in my records and they had a daughter Mary Anna 4 April 1834 d 2
1906 who married Ezra Thomas RIDGARD b 1 Aug 1830 d 27 May 1905. I am
sure this is not a correct connection so perhaps someone could advise.
Best wishes

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Hi HARTLEY researchers

About two weeks ago I sent a query to the list on behalf of Marielle
pertaining to a William HARTLEY. Thanks to Lynn McLeod and Ellen Stanton
assisted me so generously off-list with further leads. Lynn suggested
I send a query to Marielle's contact to try and find out more and post
findings to the list. Unfortunately I haven't received a response yet,
while waiting I decided to clean up my HARTLEY file. I have quite a few
queries, so please indulge me while I try to sort out my file.

William John HARTLEY, b. Oct 1796, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
bapt. 6 Nov 1796, Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, England
d. 5 Apr 1886, West End, Kimberley, Cape, South Africa
s.o. Thomas HARTLEY & Hannah HOPKINS
Source: Submitter(s): Paul M. Marsh Microfilm: None
102 Chudleigh Road, Plumstead 7800 Submission: AF95-103264

m1. Sarah CAWOOD [no details]

m2 Hannah BAKER, Grahamstown 25 Oct 1828
William John HARTLEY, b. 9 Oct 1796 m. Hannah BAKER according to the
Matrimonial Minutes for Grahamstown on 25 Oct 1828 in Bathurst and Bruce
Webber, presumably from the Hartley book. He died 5 Apr 1886 at Kidger
TUCKER's home in Kimberley and Hannah died on the 22 June 1831 and is
in the Settlers Cemetery at Bathurst. Source: Tessa King

m3 Mary CAWOOD.
[Mary CAWOOD b. c1807, bap. 5 Apr 1807, Keighley, Yorks, m. 1 Aug 1831,
Bathurst, Cape, South Africa; William John HARTLEY, b. Oct 1796,
Notts, bap. 6 Nov 1796, Cuckney, Notts; (son of Thomas HARTLEY and
HOPKINS); d. 5 Apr 1886, West End, Kimberley, Cape. Mary dies 23 Sep
Cambridge, East London. Source:

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