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From: "Gary Cannon" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Rhodesian Rebellion 1896/7 - Mashonaland Casualties Part 1
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 20:27:48 +1200

The London Gazette Issue 26954 published on the 5 April 1898. Pages 2203 to 2208.

N.B.-these lists refer only to Mashonaland and do not include casualties in Matabeleland.

List of Casualties (White Men) During the Mashonaland Rising

Summary of Casualties to the 31st December, 1897:-

Civilians-Deaths 117, wounded 8;
Local Forces-Deaths 30, wounded 45;
Imperial Troops-Deaths 12, wounded 23;
B.S.A. Police-Deaths 32, wounded 8-Total, 275

In the following lists (7th H.) denotes 7th Hussars.
In the following lists (M.I.) denotes Mounted Infantry.
In the following lists (S.R.) denotes Salisbury Rifles.
In the following lists (R.H.) denotes Rhodesia Horse.
In the following lists (S.F.F.) denotes Salisbury Field Force.
In the following lists (M.R.F.) denotes Matabeleland Relief Force.
In the following lists (B.S. A.P.) denotes British South Africa Police.

Killed in Action
List of Officers and Men Killed in Action in the Mashonaland Rising of 1896-97.
Local Forces, 11; Imperial Troops, 7; B.S.A. Police 4-Total, 22

BARNES, William Edward, Lieutenant, Army Service Corps, August 13, 1896, Gatzi's Kraal.
BRADY, John Charles, Trooper, B.S.A.P., February 23, 1897, Mashanganika's Kraal.
BOTHA, Philip Jacobus, Trooper, Honey's Scouts, October 12, 1896, Chena's Kraal.
CLOSS, John, Trooper, B.S.A.P., June 6, 1897, Mashanganika's Kraal
CORYNDON, John Selby, Trooper, Salisbury Rifles, October 11, 1896, Chena's Kraal.
DANDO, William, Private, 7th Hussars, July 12, 1897, Mtswetswi's Kraal
EVANS, Francis Studdert, Major, Derbyshire Regiment (M.I.), October 19, 1896, Gatzi's Kraal
GWILLIM, William Henry, Trooper, S.F.F., July 20, 1896, 2nd Hartley Patrol.
HAYNES, Aubrey Edward, Captain, R.E., August 3, 1896, Makoni's Kraal.
HULL, John Charles Lalor, Volunteer, July 24, 1897, Mashangombi's Kraal.
JACOBS, Gileam, Trooper, S.F.F., June 20, 1896, 1st Mazoe Patrol.
JOHNSON, Edward, Trooper, S.R., September 12, 1896, Simbanoota's Kraal.
JOLIFFE, Michael, Conductor, Transport, August 17, 1896, Marandella's Kraal.
MCGEER, Christian, Lieutenant, S.F.F., June 20, 1896, 1st Mazoe Patrol.
ROBERTSON, William Miller, Sergeant, B.S.A.P., June 19, 1897, Kunzi's Kraal.
SIMS, Edward, Private, 7th Hussars, July 19, 1897, Hartley District
STEVENS, Charles Trelawney, Guide, S.F.F., June 25, 1896, Chishawasha.
STODDART, James Hastie, Trooper, Umtali Rifles, April 17, 1897, Soswe's Kraal.
SMITHWICK, Charles Standish, Trooper, B.S.A.P., July 12, 1897, Mtswetswi's Kraal.
VAN STAADEN, Hermanus Johannes, Trooper, S.F.F., June 20, 1896, 1st Mazoe Patrol.
VICKERS, Smith, Private, King's Royal Rifles (M.I.), August 3, 1896, Makoni's Kraal
WICKHAM, William, Private, Royal Irish Regiment (M.I.), August 3, 189F, Makoni's Kraal.

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