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From: "Gary Cannon" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Rhodesian Rebellion 1896/7 - Mashonaland Casualties Part 7
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 20:58:37 +1200

The London Gazette Issue 26954 published on the 5 April 1898. Pages 2203 to 2208.

N.B.-these lists refer only to Mashonaland and do not include casualties in

List of Casualties (White Men) During the Mashonaland Rising

Summary of Casualties to the 31st December, 1897:-

List of Persons Reported Murdered or Missing.
Note. - In the following list of murdered and missing no hope is entertained for
any of those returned as missing. All bodies that have been found have been buried.
Civilians, 114; Local Forces, 3; Imperial Troops, 1; B.S.A. Police 1-Total, 119

CALCOTT, Henry Richard, about June 18, 1896, Salisbury District.
CAMPBELL, George Duncombe, June 19, 1896, Salisbury District, Farmer, murdered at
Native Commissioner Campbell's Camp.
CARE, William, June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Miner at Woodbyrne Ayrshire Mine,
murdered at camp of N.C. for Lomogondi.
CASS, Edward Thomas, June 18,1896, Mazoe District, Farmer, murdered at the
Salvation Army Camp, Mazoe Valley; body found.
CARRICK, Edward Thomas, June 19, 1896 Hartley District, Mining Commissioner,
murdered on his way in to Salisbury from Hartley Hills; body found July 21, 1896.
"CHARLIE," June 25, 1896, Matatima Camp, German by birth, murdered with Captain
MCCULLUM at the telegraph construction camp.
CROUCHLEY, Thomas William, about June 20, 1896, Abercorn District, Prospector,
last seen at Abercorn Store, June 19
CURTIS, Thomas Heath, about June 17, 1896, Mazoe District, Surveyor, believed to
have been murdered at Guatama's Kraal, reported by Mrs. Cass, who saw him on June 14.
DICKENSON, James, June 18, 1896, Mazoe District, Mining Commissioner, murdered near
the Salvation Army Camp, Mazoe Valley; body found.
DICKINSON, Adam Johnstone, June. 19, 1896, Salisbury District, Tailor, murdered near
Law's Store on Umtali Road
DOVENBROOK, R., about June 20, 1896, Salisbury District, missing from Cattlethorpe,
near Enterprise Mine.
DOUGHERTY, John, May 31, 1896, Lomogondi District, Miner, murdered by his natives
at Alaska Mine.
DRYDEN, John, about June 20, 1896, Abercorn District, last seen at Fletcher's Camp,
near Chipadza's Kraal on June 18.
DRYSDALE, John H., June 22, 1896, Lomogondi District, Blacksmith, murdered on Menene
River on his way in to Salisbury; body found October 27, 1896.
EATON, George St. John, about June 19, 1896, Abercorn District, Prospector; believed
to have been murdered at Chipadza's Kraal.
EYRIE, Herbert Hedges, about June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Farmer, murdered on
his farm, Umvokwe Mountains; body found October 22, 1896.
FAIRWEATHER, L. M., June 17 1896, Salisbury District, Nurse to Mrs. Norton, murdered
Porta Farm, Hunyani River; body found June 18, 1896.
FAULL, William, June 18, 1896, Mazoe District, Bricklayer, murdered near Salvation Army
Camp, whilst attempting to escape in to Salisbury; body found.
FLETCHER, John, June 21, 1896, Abercorn District, murdered at Abercorn Store; body
found same day.
FOURIE, Benjamin John, about June 16, 1896, Salisbury District, Trader, murdered at
Villam's Kraal on Hartley Road.
FRASER, Abercorn District
FULLER, George L., about June 20, 1896, Charter District, murdered at Jinganga's Kraal.

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