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From: "Gary Cannon" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Rhodesian Rebellion 1896/7 - Matabeleland Casualties Part 4
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 07:24:48 +1200

The London Gazette Issue 26954 Published On The 5 April 1898. Pages 2198 To 2203.

N.B.-These Lists Refer Only To Matabeleland And Do Not Include Casualties
In Mashonaland.

List of Casualties (White Men) During The Matabeleland Rebellion.

Summary As Reported Up To The 30th September, 1897:-

Died From Other Causes.
Rhodesians 41; Matabeleland Relief Force Etc, 13; Imperial Troops 10; Total 64.

ARNOLD, James Carlisle, Trooper Gwelo F.F., August 1, Gwelo Hospital, jaundice.
LITTLE, Edward Runnell, Trooper "A" Squadron M.R.F., August 3, Spargo's, gun
accident, shot through heart.
BRUCE, Harry, Corporal B.F.F., August 4, Bulawayo Hospital, malarial fever, buried
Bulawayo Cemetery.
PARKES, Richard Henry, Trooper M.R.F., August 5, Bulawayo Hospital, malarial fever,
buried, Bulawayo Cemetery.
DAVIDSON, George Johnston, Sergeant - Major M.M.P., August 6, Bulawayo Hospital,
pneumonia, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
KRIECHBAUM, George, Trooper Gwelo F.F., August 7, Gwelo Hospital, fever.
WILLARD, Frederick, Trooper M.R F., August 7, Bulawayo Hospital, pneumonia, buried
Bulawayo Cemetery.
WALLACE, William Henry, Trooper Africander Corps, August 16, Bulawayo hospital,
dysentery, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
PARR, Harry A., Trooper "E" Squadron M.R.F., August 17, Inseza Camp, Matoppos,
typhoid fever.
FITCHETT, Tylden, Trooper Mangwe Fort, August 24, Mangwe.
PARRY, Francis Charles, Sergeant (Gunner 7-Pounder) Belingwe F.F., August 29,
Spitzkop, Bulawayo-Belingwe-Road, enteric fever.
SHADWELL, Francis Mayne, Major 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment, September 7,
Bulawayo Hospital, dysentery And fever, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
WAHLEN, P. John, Corporal "C" Troop, B.S.A.P., September 9, Bulawayo, killed
by fall down Abercorn Restaurant well, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
SOMAN, Edward, Trooper R.H.V., September 13, Gwelo, fever.
FROUD, Absolom, Corporal Medical Staff Corps, November, Belingwe, buried near
Belingwe Laager.
HOFFMAN, Alfred, Trooper B.F.F., September 14, Bulawayo Hospital, dysentery,
buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
CORNEY, George, Trooper "D" Squadron 7th Hussars, September 19, Shangani Patrol,
typhoid fever.
KENNY, Henry Michael, Trooper "G" Troop, B.F.F., September 23, Bulawayo Hospital,
phthisis, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
SUMMERVILLE, George, Trooper "F" Troop, B.S.A.C.P., September 29, Shangani River,
DOWNES, Bertram William, Trooper Artillery, B.S.A.C.P., October 2, Bulawayo,
dynamite explosion, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
HARPER, John William, Trooper No. 1 Troop, M.R.F., October 4, Malema Camp,
Matoppos. alcoholic poisoning.
COOPER, William Yardley, Clerk Transport Department, B.S.A.C.P., October 2,
Bulawayo Hospital, dynamite explosion, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
STOCK, Thomas Henry, Trooper M.R.F., October 8, Bulawayo Hospital, buried
Bulawayo Cemetery.
LAUBCHER, Stephen Jacobus, Trooper "K" Troop, B.F.F., October 11, Bulawayo
Hospital, peritonitis, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
WALTERS, Mervyn Gidley, Trooper "D" Troop, B.F.F., October 14, Bulawayo Hospital,
dysentery, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
MCCUSKER, Michael Henry (Or Hugh), Trooper "A" Troop, B.S.A.C.P., October 14,
Bulawayo Hospital, dysentery, buried Bulawayo Cemetery
ALLAN, Harry, October 16, Bulawayo Hospital, enteric fever, buried Bulawayo Cemetery.
PORTE, Herbert. Trooper 7th Hussars, October 18, Bulawayo Hospital, fever, buried
Bulawayo Cemetery.

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