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From: "Gary Cannon" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Rhodesian Rebellion 1896/7 - Matabeleland Casualties Part 9
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 17:43:44 +1200

The London Gazette Issue 26954 Published On The 5 April 1898. Pages 2198 To 2203.

N.B.-These Lists Refer Only To Matabeleland And Do Not Include Casualties
In Mashonaland.

List of Casualties (White Men) During The Matabeleland Rebellion.

Summary As Reported Up To The 30th September, 1897:-

Persons Reported Murdered Or Missing.
Rhodesians 145; Total 145.

LEMAN, Robert James, Insiza, end March.
LEE, David, Gwaai River, end March, Lime Pits.
LEWIS, Arthur Boyer, Filabusi, March 25.
LEE, Albert John, Gumani, early April, Gumani.
MCCABE, William (Alias Jock Thomas), Shangani, end March.
MCHEUGH, Harry, Bembesi, end March.
MADDOCKS, Thomas, Filabusi, March 23.
MILFORD, William F., Gwelo, end March, Eileen Road, 9 miles from Gwelo.
MATTHEWS, Benjamin, Shangani, end March.
MATHAY (or MATTHEI), Ernest, Filabusi, March 25.
MORRISON, James E., Queen's Reef, Bembesi, March 29, Bulawayo Cemetery.
MACDONALD, Colin, Filabusi, March 25.
MCCORMICK, William, Gumani, end March.
MOONIE, T., Shangani River, end March.
NIMMO, Walker, Edkins's Store, Filabusi, March 25, near Filabusi Store,
September 20.
OTTENS, Willem, Filabusi, March 24.
O'REILLY, T., Shangani, end March.
O'CONNOR, John, Filabusi, March 25.
OSTHUISEN, Ntaba-zi-ka-Mamba, end March, at store under a tree, November 6.
PALMER, H. A., Shangani. March 30, body found.
POTGIETER, Derk Rainer, near "Matabele" Wilsons, April 20.
REDINGTON, Reginald, Pongo River, end March.
ROWE, Frank R., Shangani, March 30.
RAYNOR, Benjamin, Private Y. and L. Regiment, lost from patrol September 11,
reported been killed Lower Shangani.
ROSS, Joseph and wife, Tekwe River, April 2.
RADFORD, Alfred, Shangani, end March.
REDDAN, Valentine, Filabusi, March 25.
ROWLANDS, John James, Queen's Reef, Bembesi, March 29, Bulawayo Cemetery
SENGELOW, Severin H. C. (commonly called Severin H. LUND), Gwaai River, end March,
Mayeza's Kraal, Mandan.
SHARP, Robert, Filabusi, March 25.
STANLEY, Frank Harrison, near Vungu Store, en route Bulawayo, end March.
SEWARD, George Ernest, Filabusi, March 25, Filabusi, December 9.
STOBIE, James, Ingwinia Store, en route Bulawayo, March 25, Captain Pocock's Camp,
SNEDDON, -, near Mavin, end March.
TALMAN, Francis Seal, Pongo Store, end March.
TAYLOR, George (alias George John ZEALL), Shangani, end March.
TYASS, George, Bembesi, end March.
VAN BLERK, Richard B., Mavin, March 30.

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