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Subject: [ZA-EC] GIRDLESTONE-Ardendorf: Surnames E to H - look ups
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 12:33:36 +0200
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I reached the small village of Smitsdorp just south of Pietersburg, a few
miles distant was Marabastard. Smitsdorp consisted of one hotel, a bank,
three stores, police quarters and a few dwelling houses. I found many
parties busy organizing and fixing up to trek eastwards down to the newly
found gold fields, the Murchison range. They were a carefree crowd, men from
many parts of the globe all bent on venture and prospecting. I sold my cart
and mules to advantage, after settling down at the hotel owned by E A (Ted)
SLATER, later to be well known in Rhodesia. Others whom I met up with were
the pioneers Louis Newmeyer, Chiappini, B Melville, GIRDLESTONE and Arthur A
Abbott just back from a hunting trip. I bought a small wagon and oxen that
were more suitable for my purpose and to camouflage my mission, I started
out prospecting and trading. I made many friends among the old hunters and
settlers that had associations to the Louis ARDENDORF trek party. During

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