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Subject: [ZA-EC] Extracts from the South African Commercial Advertiser -March 1854
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Transcribed (with assistance from Lynn MacLeod) from CO53/11 at the National
Archives in Kew, London.

Saturday 4 March 1854

DIED at Cavan, Ireland on the 15th December 1853, Charles Alexander HORNE
Esquire, Assistant Commissary General, son of the late James HORNE Esq of
Cape Town, aged 41 years. Deeply regretted by Relatives and Friends.

Tuesday 7 March 1854

BIRTH in Cape Town on the 3rd instant, Mrs. G.C. GIE of a daughter.
6th March 1854.

In St.Andrew's Church by the Rev G Morgan, March 5:
A son of Mr. Francis DORRINGTON, baptised Francis.

Thursday 9 March 1854

MARRIED at the Paarl on the 4th instant, by the Rev J. Inglis, Edw.Chas.
CROCKETT Esq, fourth son of Richd. CROCKETT Esq, late of Ghushions,
Straffordshire [sic], England, to Susanna Maria GIRD, eldest daughter of
Septimus John Chamberlain GIRD Esq of the Paarl

DIED at Cape Town on the 8th March, Lieut. George Walton ONSLOW of the
Madras Artillery, eldest son of the late Brig-General W. ONSLOW, Commanding
Ellichpoor Divsion, aged 23 years.

In St.George's Cathedral in this City by the Rev M.A. Camilleri DD, February
John William DODD to Margaretha Frances HOWARD.
By the Rev R.A. Currey MA on the 28th:
Mr. Henry HARTWELL to Miss Jane NEAL.
In St.Andrew's Church by the Rev G Morgan, March 7:
Mr. R.G.W. GEARY to Miss C?. J. McDOUGAL.

February 24: Francis Drew LOMBERG, aged 1 year and 14 days.

Tuesday 14 March 1854

DIED in Castle-street, the 1st March 1854, our Father Mogadas, Mahomedan
Anna STEYTLER, castle-street.

In St.George's Cathedral in this City by the Revd. the Dean of Cape Town,
March 3:
A son of Frederick Augustus BOON Esquire, baptised Thomas Henry.
A daughter of Mr. Francis DODDS, baptised Isabella Jane.
A son of Mr. Joseph MASON, baptised Joseph Charles.
By the Rev M.A. Camilleri DD, March 5:
A son of Mr. David PIERCE, baptised John Pierce Sporle.
A son of Mr. Henry LAMBERT, baptised Charles Smith.
By the Rev R.A. Currey MA, Curate, March 8:
A son of Mr. William CORRIGAN, baptised William John.
A son of Mr. Duncan CAMERON, baptised Alexander.
Two daughters, twins, of Mr. Thomas William THOMAS, baptised Caroline Eliza
and Sarah Jane.

March 1: Mr. Francis WILLCOX, late engineer of the Hydaspes, aged 31 years.
March 1: Mr. George LOVEDAY, aged 28 years.
March 5: Mr. Charles Samuel MOSS, aged 25 years.
March 8: Lieutenant George Walton ONSLOW, Madras Artillery, aged 23 years.

Thursday 16 March 1854

DIED at her Residence on the Camp Ground, on the 14th March 1854, in her
30th year, Margaret MARDIN, the beloved wife of W.J. SMITH.

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church by the Rev J.M. Kloek Van Staveren VDM,
March 12:
A daughter of Mr. Casper Hendrik MARTING, baptised Jacoba Cornelia.
March 13: At Rondebosch, at the house of C. DREYER, a son of Mr. Casper
Becker DREYER baptised John Frederik.
In St.Andrew's Church by the Rev G. Morgan, March 14:
A daughter of George THOMPSON, Royal Artillery, from Hong Kong, baptised
Barbara Leatch.
A daughter of the late Peter FISH, Royal Artillery, from Hong Kong, baptised
Margaret Antelope.

Tuesday 21 March 1854

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church by the Rev J.M. Parisius VDM, March 19:
A daughter of Mr. Jacobus Gysbert COETZE. Baptised Engela Christina Kemper.
A daughter of Mr. Johan Adam Mauder NELSON, baptised Louisa Sophia Johanna.
In the New Dutch Reformed Church, March 19:
A daughter of Mr. James CURRY, baptised Carolina Wilhelmina Christina.

Saturday 25 March 1854

(Port Elizabeth Mercury)
Thursday week Graaff-water, Oliphant's Hoek, was the scene of a most fearful
fire, more resembling the description given in travels of the Prairie fires
of America. When it was first discovered in the morning, dense volumes of
smoke, lighted up every now and then with a flickering flame, showed that
the fire had gained a fearful height and was advancing at a rapid pace
through the dense plain of grass of three to five feet in height, (a slight
south-easter blowing at the time) towards the homestead of Messrs. VOGEL and
VAN ROOYEN, destroying the greater portion of the crops in stack in its
fearful progress. The buildings were preserved from its fury only by the
unremitted attention of the persons on the spot, assisted by a few farmers
from the neighbourhood. The feeling of suffocation produced by the smoke is
described as most distressing, and proving nearly fatal to the women and
little children. The next day the wind having changed, the flames took a
direction towards Mr. DAMANT's house, where a similar scene took place to
that above described. Had not Mr. DAMANT fortunately taken the precaution,
some time previously, of clearing away the grass and bushes, for some twenty
yards round his premises, they must have perished in the general wreck; for
it was only when the flames found nothing more to feed upon that they became
exhausted. The poor women suffered terribly. On finding that the danger
was passed, Mr. DAMANT went over the next day to the VOGELs, to see how they
were faring, and on arriving near the house he perceived a dense cloud of
smoke in the direction of his stacks. These he had endeavoured to secure on
the previous day, by trying to burn the grass around them; but failed in
effecting his purpose by the grass being too green to burn and from the
alarm into which he was thrown by the danger to which his homestead was
exposed. On riding towards this cloud, he discovered the whole in flames.
The amount of loss occasioned by the fire has not yet been estimated but it
must be considerable, as Mr. DAMANT alone has lost upwards of Pds.300 of
oats, &c., whilst Messrs. VOGEL and ROOYEN, in addition to the loss of their
oats, have had one hundred muids of wheat destroyed. The origin of the fire
is not precisely known, but it is supposed to have originated from the
careless manner in which some parties at their outspan place had left their
fires to smoulder away instead of putting them out. It is a pity that some
means could not be adopted that would reach this evil, and visit upon the
guilty parties such a punishment as should prevent the recurrence of it for
the future.

In St.George's Cathedral in this City by the Rev R.A. Currey MA, Curate,
March 15:
David CAMPION Esq to Miss Martha Elizabeth SILBERBAUER.
By the Rev Geo. Meyler Squibb BA, Curate, March 20:
Mr. James BASHFORTH to Miss Martha CLARKE.
Mr. William GILLMER to Miss Caroline ASSUE.
By the same, March 21:
Mr. Henry DRAESEKE to Miss Florella Sophua KAY.

In St.George's Cathedral in this City by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop
of Cape Town, March 12:
A son of Mr. James FREEMAM, baptised James Mills.
By the same, March 15:
A daughter of Mr. James TEMPLEMAN, baptised Mary Miriam.
On the same day by the Rev Geo. Meyler Squibb BA, Curate:
A daughter of Mr. Otho HITCHCOCK, baptised Mary Ann.
By the Rev R.A. Currey MA, Curate, March 17:
A son of Mr. Daniel MASON, baptised Henry Thomas GARNER.
A son of Mr. Joseph MERCELLS, baptised Edward John.

March 13: Mrs. Martha Ann ADAMS, wife of Mr. Richard ADAMS, aged 55 years 10
months and 23 days.
March 13: Mr. John DAMUS, aged 30 years and 5 days.
March 15: Edward Thomas HOPKINS, Seaman Ship 'Anna', aged 28 years.
March 17: Mrs. Matilda HARVEY, wife of Mr. William HARVEY, aged 48 years.

Tuesday 28 March 1854

Arrival of the Royal Mail Steamer "Lady Jocelyn"
The Lady Jocelyn, Capt. BIRD, with the homeward mails, arrived here early on
Saturday morning; her detention has been owing to a severe storm which she
encountered on the 4th of March, in lat. 17 S., and long. 70, between Ceylon
and Mauritius, in which she sustained several injuries, losing top-masts, 3
boats, &c.
Her dates are, - from Sandheads, February 16th, 3.10 p.m.; Madras, 20th, 6
p.m.; Point de Galle, 24th, 8.15 p.m.; and Mauritius, March 13th, 7 p.m.
For the Cape. - P.C. FRENCH, Esq., Mrs. FRENCH, 2 Children and 3 Native
Servants, Captain MILLER, and Native Servant, Mr. PEARSON, Mr. BEAUCHAMP,
Mr. BATTEN, and Native Servant, and Mr. And Mrs. ATKINSON.
For Southampton. - Major and Mrs. FERGUSSON, Mr. And Mrs. EVEN, 3 Children
and English Servant, Mr. And Mrs ABADIE, 3 Children and English Servant, Mr.
And Mrs. PORTEUS, 1 Child , and Native Servant, Mrs. C. B. WALLIS, 4
Children and Native Servant, Mrs. CHRISTIAN and English Servant, Mr.
RICHARDS, and English Servant, Mr. And Mrs. BABBINGTON, Mr. MONCREIFF, Mr.
Mr. And Mrs. CRAWFOD, 1 Child and Native Servant, Mr. BENSON, Mr. RUTTER,
Lieut. CHRISTIAN, 60th N.I., Mrs. TEIL, Governess, 1 Child and European
Servant, Major and Mrs. THOMAS, and 1 Child, Mrs. WHITALL, 4 Children, and 2
Native Servants, Mr. And Mrs. HUTCHINSON, 4 Children and Native Servant, Mr.
And Mrs WINGROVE, Infant, European Servant, Native do., Lieut. WARDEN, Mrs
ALLEN, and Native Servant, Mrs. COOPER, 2 Children and Native Servant.,
Lieut. And Mrs. LAMBERT, Mrs SHIRCORE, Mrs. JELLICOE, 1 Child and Native
Servant, Mrs. HARVEY, Capt. J. HICKLEY, Lt. WOODS, Mr. BOWERS, Lieut.
NORTON, Mrs. BARKER, 2 Children, Infant and European Servant, Capt. KEARNEY,
15th Hussars, Capt. E. WALPOLE, Mrs. McDONELL, 3 Children and Native
Servant, Col. DIWELLE, Rev. Mr. SARGEANT, and Child, Mr. SCHELLEND, 3
Children and Native Servant, Lieut. WALDEN, Lieut. WILDE, Mr. WALLS, Madame
DELME, Mr. Geo. ROBINSON, Mr J. ROBINSON, Mr. V. NAZ. - Commander LEWIS,
R.N., in charge of mails.

Arrival of the "Argo"
The R. M. Steamer Argo, Capt. Geo. HYDE, arrived here on Saturday afternoon,
with the English mail. She left Plymouth on the 15th February, St. Vincent
on the 26th, and Ascension on the 8th inst.
Her passengers are:-
For the Cape and St. Helena - Lieut. DUMARESQ, Mrs. DUMARESQ, Miss
DUMARESQ, and European servant, Master MILLER, do. European male servant.
For the cape of Good Hope - Mrs. BOWERS and (6) Misses BOWERS, Miss HUNT,
(2) Messrs. BOWERS, Mrs WYLD, Mrs. Scott TUCKER, and Mrs. S. TUCKER, Com.
Mrs SHORT, Rev. M. BELSON, Rev. E. CLAYTON, Capt. E. GRANVILLE, European
male servant, and Ensign BAYNES, Mrs. HARRINGTON, Miss HARRINGTON, and Mrs.
For Mauritius. - Mr. M. H. MAIRA.
For India - Mr. SULLIVAN, Mrs. SULLIVAN, and European servant, Messrs. M.
Lieut. S. COUSINS, Mrs. COUSINS, Lieut. RUGGLES, Mrs. RUGGLES, Rev. G.
ANDERSON, and European female servant, Lieut. MOREFORD, Mrs. MOREFORD, Mr.
M. CLEMENTSON, Mr. Homby FAGAN, Amelia CORBITT, Ajah (Native,) William
For Ascension - James HAYES

The Natal, mail steamer, left on her first coasting voyage yesterday
evening. She takes the following passengers: -
For Mossel Bay, Mr. DRYER, Mr. van der RIET, Dr. SCHETHMAN, and Mr DERUCH.
For Algoa Bay, Miss WOODIFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. van der SCHALK, Mr. GOODRICH,
(2), and Mr. PHAFF.

The R. M. St. Lady Jocelyn, with the homeward mails, left Table Bay
yesterday at 2 p.m. Notwithstanding her crowded state, the following is a
list of those who have succeeded in getting a passage in her from the Cape:
- Mr. C. M. OWEN, Assistant Commissioner, and servant, Mr. van BREDA,
Quarter-Master MILLER and servant, Capt. DUMAREZ and Lady, Mr. NEWBERRY,
Major MILEs, Mr. WRAY and servant, Lieut. COCKBURN, and Major TYLDEN.
Commodore TALBOT, it is understood, leaves this station immediately, with
the Meander, to "bear a hand" in the desperate struggle which has, perhaps,
by this time commenced.
Mr. Beresford SCOTT, R. N., lately appointed Secretary to the New Mining
Company, proceeds to join the Sibille on the East Indian station. During
his absence, Mr. CHRISTIAN will act as Secretary to the Company. It is
hoped that Mr. SCOTT may be able to resume his office at no distant period.
It is said that the next month's English Mail will be brought out by the
man-of-war steamer, the Queen of the South being engaged to convey troops to
Mr. St. John TUCKER, who came out passenger in the Argo, proceeds in the
Natal to report on the Kowie harbour, as was suggested by Mr. RYDAL, the
engineer to whom the matter was reported.
The R. M. St. Argo, Capt. HYDE, will leave for India with the outward mails
this afternoon. The Argo, it appears, in her voyage out has not in the
least compromised the reputation she gained by her previous passage to
Australia, and back. Calculating by contract time, she cast anchor within 15
minutes of the hour when she was due. The Argo, though larger than the other
vessels, is fitted up in the same style, with the advantage of every comfort
and convenience that experience has suggested. The passengers have
expressed themselves highly pleased with both the ship and the attention of
Capt. HYDE, and her officers.

BIRTH at Mursingpore, near Sangor, on the 27th January 1854, the lady of
Lieut. E. Herbert NIGHTINGALE, 23rd Regt Madras Light Infantry, of a

Thursday 30 March 1854

MARRIED at Graaff-Reinet by the Rev A. Murray, on the 21st March 1854, Mr.
William SYME of Cape Town to Catherine Marguerite, eldest daughter of the
Rev S ROLLAND of the Paris Missionary Society.

DIED at her Residence, Green Point, on the 25th March 1854, at the age of 35
years, 8 months and 3 days, Martha Francina Fredrica CARSTENS, the beloved
wife of C.P. BRINK.

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