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From: Sunelia Heath <>
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Sarah Emily JOHNSON nee HEATH
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:29:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hallo again :)

Sadly Fanny HEATH *1859 died in 1860, not Fanny PENRICE

Kind regards... again :-D

From: Sunelia Heath <>
Sent: Tue, October 19, 2010 5:02:47 PM
Subject: [ZA-EC] Sarah Emily JOHNSON nee HEATH

hallo Tessa :)

Sarah Emily is my special pet project, but going is slow :(

This is what I have
Sarah Amelia Elizabeth HEATH was born 1849, parents = Sarah Emily HEATH and
Christiaan WEINAND.
Sarah Emily would have been about 20 years old, and I haven't found a marraige
for them yet.

Then I have Fanny Heathcote HEATH born 4 Feb 1859, parents = Sarah Emily HEATH
and Philip Wathen COURT.
We're still not sure if it should be Fanny Heath COURT or Fanny Heathcote
HEATH.  I have asked several people's opinion and the general consensus seems to

be... for now... Fanny Heathcote HEATH, as I haven't found a marraige for the
parents either... yet  What I did find was a marraige for Philip Wathen COURT
and Fanny Alice PENRICE on 18 Sept 1860 in PE.   Sadly Fanny died on 3 March
1860 in PE.

Then I have a marraige for Sarah Emily and Charles JOHNSON on 14 Jan 1851 in
Somerset East.  Nothing else on him... no children either.  I'm guessing that he

might have passed away before the birth of Fanny in 1859?  Later documents on
NAAIRS are for Sarah Emily HEATH????

Not much, but that's that...

Kind regards
Sunelia Heath

From: Tessa King <>
Sent: Mon, October 18, 2010 12:05:20 PM
Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Mary CAMPBELL

Hi Sarah Ann

I don't know anything about Mary CAMPBELL but wanted to check the info on
Sarah. I have a marriage for Sarah Emily HEATH to Charles JOHNSON on 14
January 1851 in Somerset East. The info on the daughter Fanny Heath COURT is
that she was born on 13 January 1859 and baptised in Port Elizabeth. I don't
have the marriage date, but did have a note that they later married. So is
the daughter a JOHNSON or a COURT?

Sunelia also has a relationship for Sarah Emily HEATH with a Christiaan
WIENAND and her source was GISA from a Baptism in the Dutch Reform Church
(Entry 301 Pg 45 at Glen Lynden) when their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Amelia
HEATH was baptised on 7th October 1849 born on 8th June 1849 at Glen Lynden.
As this child has HEATH as her surname, was she not perhaps the illegitimate
child? What happened to her? The godparents were Louis Nel, Martha Elizabeth
Hartzenberg and Maria Cecilia HEATH.

Hopefully you can assist in sorting out the tangled life of this interesting

Take care

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Subject: [ZA-EC] Mary CAMPBELL

> Dear All
> Does anyone know anything about a Mary CAMPBELL? Sarah Emily HEATH died
> and left
> owing money. I was sent a copy of some papers by Sunelia, and Mary
> one of the creditors who were left out of pocket. As it is a substantial
> amount
> I was wondering. Some of the creditors I could work out, and one was a
> relative
> George HAMMOND but I wondered who Mary CAMPBELL was. I thought possibly
> dressmaker or something similar but not sure.
> Sarah Emily HEATH is certainly interesting. What with a child out of
> wedlock,
> and then sole trustee to someone she did not appear to marry. Then there
> is what
> appears to be a child born to Sarah Emily HEATH and Philip Wathen COURT
> followed
> by a marriage in Port Elizabeth. But later Sunelia found the supposed
> daughter
> Fanny had died and Charles JOHNSON was the father,.Fanny JOHNSON died as
> an
> infant.  And in NAAIRS she is Sarah Emily HEATH not Sarah JOHNSON although
> there
> was a marriage between her and Charles HEATH that we found. Sarah was the
> only
> daughter of John Henry HEATH who did not marry in England. She is also
> mentioned
> in South African Genealogy, but not linked to her brother John Henry HEATH
> or
> her other brother Thomas Bailey HEATH. Interesting as Thomas divorced
> Helena VAN
> DER LINDE and died several years before his death was registered in the
> Cape.
> And at that time divorce needed to go through parliament in England.
> Thanks
> Sarah
> from Christchurch where the earth is still moving, So far 1901, 11 of
> which were
> about 5 on the Richter scale.
> -------------------------------
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