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From: "Sue Mackay" <>
Subject: [ZA-EC] Pre 1820 settler information TAIT to TURVEY
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 17:08:44 -0000

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of parish
registers held at the London Metropolitan Archives, non conformist registers
at the National Archives at Kew (RG4), online parish registers at or from original images at I have also included some
information from original images of Scottish old parish registers and
Wiltshire parish records which I have personally researched. With references
to the IGI I have been careful to state whether the information is
"extracted" (taken from parish registers) or "submitted" (submitted by an
LDS member, which may or may not be from original sources and should be
thoroughly checked). Where reference is made to the London Gazette, the full
version can be downloaded from

TAIT, Peter (see correspondence of his brother, William TAIT)

Peter TAIT led an earlier party of settlers to the Cape. The correspondence
by William TAIT concerns a second wave of emigration.

The TAIT family came from the small parish of Whitsome and Hilton in
Berwickshire. Peter and William were the sons of Joshua TAIT of Langrigg.

Langrigg, TAIT, Peter, son of Joshua, tenant there, baptised 16 October 1781
in the parish of Whitsome and Hilton, Berwickshire
Witnesses: Thos. JEFFREY, tenant, Wester Laws and Peter JOHNSTONE, tenant,
Wester Newton.

See also correspondence of Peter TAIT in 1824 (CO48/67)

TALBOT, John (listed in correspondence of John ANSON)

London Metropolitan Archives:
Maria, daughter of John and Priscilla TALBOT, York Street, shop keeper,
baptised 4 September 1814 in St.Margaret's, Westminster (born 20 August
Sophia, daughter of John and Priscilla TALBOT, Eaton St, coal dealer,
baptised 16 March 1818 in St.George's, Hanover Square.
Older children probably baptised in St.Margaret's, Westminster. Pre 1813
baptisms are held at Westminster Archives and are not on the IGI.

TARR, William

London Metropolitan Archives:
John son of William TARR by Susanna his wife baptised 3 June 1810 in
St.Marylebone (born 4 May)
Maria, daughter of William and Susanna TARR, baptised 22 December 1816 in
St.Marylebone (born 4 December)
Sarah, daughter of William and Susanna TARR, St.Marylebone, trade, baptised
25 October 1818 in St.Marylebone (born 24 May)

TEE, Richard (member of DAMANT's Party)

>From original images on Family Search Pilot

Richard TEE, base born son of Susanna HART, born and baptised 5 April 1791
in Sedgeford, Norfolk

Richard TEE, single man, married Sarah POTTER, single woman, on 29 July 1811
in Sedgeford, Norfolk
Both signed their names
Witnesses: John POTTER and Elizabeth YARDLEY

Richard, son of Richard and Sarah TEE baptised 25 October 1812 in Sedgeford,

Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Richard and Sarah (late POTTER) TEE, Docking,
gardener, baptised 19 April 1818 in Docking, Norfolk (born 14 April)

Submitted IGI entries suggest that Frances Ann and Susan Ellen were baptised
on 10 March 1816 in Gayton Thorpe, Norfolk, but images for this parish are
not included on the Family Search Pilot


National Archives, Kew:
RG4/1159 f26 Register of Gravel Lane Wesleyan Chapel, Salford, Lancashire
Dorothy, daughter of Wm. and Dorothy THACKWRAY, Salford, born 7 May 1804,
baptised 3 June 1804.
RG4/2694f15 Register of Mosley Street Independent Chapel, Manchester
Ann, daughter on Wm. and Dorothy THACKWRAY, wheelwright, born 29 January
1806, baptised 7 July 1809
William, son of Wm. and Dorothy THACKWRAY, wheelwright, born 8 May 1808,
baptised 7 July 1809
Submitted IGI entries have Joseph and James born in Sheffield.

See correspondence of William SHEPHERD in 1826 (CO48/69) where William
THACKWRAY applies to bring his sister and family to the Cape.

THARRATT, Tobias (see correspondence of James WILMOT)

Tobias THARRATT, bachelor, of the parish of Woolwich in the County of Kent
married Ann VERRY, widow of this parish, by Licence on 17 June 1803 in
St.Alphege, Greenwich.
Both signed their names.
Witnesses: William COOPER and Eleanor CORFIELD

Possible first marriage for Ann, although it would mean her age in The
Settler Handbook is wrong.
James VERRY married Ann ALLINGHAM on 15 December 1791 in St.Leonard,
Both signed their names.
Witnesses: George HAINES and Ann TAPLIN (X)

Richard James VERRY, son of James and Ann, trunkmaker, baptised 29 July 1792
in St.Giles Cripplegate (born 29 June)

Children of Tobias and Ann:
William George, son of Tobias and Ann THARRATT, baptised 24 November 1805 in
St.Mary Magdalene, Woolwich (born 26 October)
Francis, son of Tobias and Ann THARRATT, baptised 15 March 1807 in St.Mary
Magdalene, Woolwich (born 16 February)
John, son of Tobias and Anne THARRATT, Phoenix St, fruiterer, baptised 14
November 1813 in St.Pancras

National Archives, Kew
RG4/4303/f9 Register of Wesleyan Chapel, High Street, Deptford
Tobias, son of Tobias and Ann THARRATT of the parish of St.Mary, Woolwich,
Kent, was born 15 March 1815 and christened 16 July 1815.

TROLLIP, Joseph (member of HYMAN's Party)

Information found at
Joseph TROLLIP married Susannah CROUCH on 25 September 1794 in St.John,
Frome, Somerset.
William baptised 14 May 1796 St.John, Frome (born 11 April)
John baptised 3 March 1798 St.John, Frome
Esther, baptised 14 February 1800 St.John, Frome (born 6 January)
Stephen baptised 17 April 1802 St.John, Frome
Benjamin baptised 4 February 1804 St.John, Frome
Rhoda Ann baptised 28 March 1806 St.John, Frome (born 21 December 1805)
Jacob baptised 7 May 1808 St.John, Frome
Joseph baptised 28 April 1810 (born 12 March)
Baptism of Mary Ann not found.

TURPIN, Joseph (see letter in 1820 correspondence A-L CO48/52 from James

London Metropolitan Archives:
Joseph TURPIN, bachelor, married Mercy CHUBB, spinster on 24 November 1819
in St.Matthew, Bethnal Green.
Both signed their names.
Witnesses: Henry MATTHEWS and F MATTHEWS

TURVEY, Edward (see notes for Peter Clarke DANIEL)

He was born in Dublin, His wife Julia, nee DANIEL, also from Dublin, was the
sister of Peter Clarke DANIEL and Sampson DANIEL, (the children of John
DANIEL and Elizabeth CLARKE) and the half sister of John DANIEL (son of John
DANIEL and his second wife Sarah NEVIN(S), who married in Dublin on 21
August 1795). Julia DANIEL was first married to John WRIGHT in Dublin, and
her sons William and Benjamin WRIGHT were also in TURVEY's Party.

>From original image at
Edward TURVEY married Julia WRIGHT, widow, 4 February 1805 in St.Mary's,

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