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Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] Sarie Marais & Royal Wootten Bassett
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 00:09:34 +0200
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I found the following on the Royal Marines Association site (Windsor and
District Branch) :

Sarie Marais
The Commando March
Arranged by Sit Vivian Dunn

This march was adopted by the Royal Marines in 1953 as the official march of
the Royal Marines Commandos and is played after the Regimental March on
ceremonial occasions. The song was introduced to the Corps by South Africans
serving in the Royal Marines during World War II, and originates from the
trekking song of the Boer Commandos. It is sometimes called the Commando
March as it is played by the Royal Marines Band for the Pass Out Parade of
the Kings Squad

Hope this helps



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> Calling Tombi and any other South Africans in the UK, please help.


Now what has got me all hot and bothered is that while Pricess Ann was
> taking the salute the Royal Marine Band was playing a tune that got my
> feet
> tapping and my body swaying and suddenly I started singing "Daar onder in
> die mielies by die groot doring boom......" !!?? What? Yes the tune was
> none other than "SARIE MARAIS"! I have replayed it a number of times off
> the
> BBC Internet News Service and there is no mistaking it.
> My question is this "Is the tune of Sarie Marais unique to the words or
> were
> the words "applied" to an existing piece of music?
> "Juslike ek voel no sommer Homesick, ek se^!!"
> Regards
> Mike

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