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Hi Becky

I am not sure if this helps, but there are Newton’s in the Westminster / Tweespruit are in the Freestate who farmed there a very long time. I can give you contacts offline if you are interested?


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From: Becky horne
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Subject: [ZA-EC] Researching NEWTON
Hi Folks

Sending an edited version of a query received. Can anyone assist?
Please note the edit between FOSTER and NOSTER - hopefully a lead for the
NOSTER family.

Best wishes

I was reading your list of Marriages from Pearson St Congregational Church &
was very excited to find an entry in there:

92. 29 September 1863. John CALTON Bachelor Cabinet Maker of PE
m. Ann Foster BARTLETT Spinster of PE after banns
At the house of Mr. NEWTON.
Witnesses: Edward Stone NEWTON?, Elizabeth CALTON.

I have been trying to trace a family that completely disappeared from
English records between the 1851 & 1861 UK Census's. but had one child in
1853 (name unknown)
& unless there was a mass murder, the only other logical conclusion was that
they had emigrated somewhere..during period 1853 - 1861

I thought you'd like to know that it was a google search that led me to your
entry above & hit paydirt!!

I believe that the "Foster" is a misspelling or mis transcription...Norster
was often misspelt in English records as Noster. That combined with the
Edward Stone NEWTON is just too much of a co-incidence to be anyone else. So
I'm pretty sure this is the family & area I'm now looking.

I now have a question for you as a quick surf on the internet told me that
researching genealogy in South Africa online from Australia was not going to
be an easy thing!! Would you know whether there are any other resources
online or otherwise where I might find more information about this family
below. Locating births/Death/Marriages? Desperate to locate the other family
members who must have settled in South Africa.

The Family are from Portland Dorset England & are:
Isaac NEWTON (2nd marriage) (1st marriage to Ann STONE)
Sarah NEWTON (2nd marriage) (1st marriage to John Norster BARTLETT) (maiden
name Elliott)

Children from Isaac NEWTON/Ann STONE marriage:
William NEWTON b. 1832
Jane NEWTON b.1834
Isaac NEWTON b. 1837
Edward Stone NEWTON b. 1839
James NEWTON b. 1842

Children from Sarah NEWTON(ELLIOTT at time) to John Norster BARTLETT
John Norster BARTLETT b. 1840
Ann Norster BARTLETT b. 1842 m. John CALTON

After Isaac NEWTON & SARAH BARTLETT (nee ELLIOT) Married they had further
Robert NEWTON b. 1849
Thomas NEWTON b. 1850

So Full List of Group would appear as: NOT SURE IF REST OF FAMILY STAYED IN
William NEWTON b. 1832
Jane NEWTON b.1834
Isaac NEWTON b. 1837
Edward Stone NEWTON b. 1839 m. Caroline WIBLIN c.1863 Ch: Jane Caroline
NEWTON b. 1864, Emily NEWTON b.1871, Caroline NEWTON b. 1867, Alice Maria
NEWTON b. 1869
James NEWTON b. 1842
John Norster BARTLETT b. 1840
Ann Norster BARTLETT b. 1842 m. John CALTON 1863 (record appearing above)
Robert NEWTON b. 1849
Thomas NEWTON b. 1850

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